Him & I

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chapter 1

I was walking to my best friends house in a hurry. I really didn't want to be left alone in my house with my dad. Even though his name shouldnt be dad it should be asshole. I thought bitterly. Let me explain myself. My name is Scarlett. Im 17 years old, my moms dead and i live with my dad, except i cant wait til im 18and can leave. My dad is a full time druggie, he uses all the drugs that are out on the street.

He didn't use to be like that. We were a really close and happy family before my mom died of an overdose. I had always suspected her of using drugs but i mean come on. Shes my MOM! She was always so pretty and well put together i dont even know how she did the drugs. She was always happy i never saw her sad until she had gotten news that her dad had died an she was extreamly close to him. Then after that she would always be looking sloppy, she never went to work and she would snap at you for no reason.

Anyways my dad was also very professional and high class but after she died he really let himself go. He used to be always at work and then he never even left the house. The only time he did leave was to go and buy packs of beer. ugh. Then thats all he did. Drink. Then he started using drugs and thats when things started to get really scary for me. i was only about 9 when he would get really high and start touching me. Once i got really mad and wouldnt let him touch me. He got PISSED and he covered my mouth and pushed me onto the wall and ...raped me... A tear slid down my face and it instantly froze. I hated thinking about that awful day.

So it's been about 8 years since my mom died and my dad changed and i am sick and tired of him touching me. So when i was 15 my friend saw the gashes i had on my arms and asked about them. I told her everything and since then wev'e been closer than sister. Shes like a mother to me sometimes. i really owed her alot.

i was heading to her house because once again my dad was injecting himself with whatever kind of drug he could get his hands on. it was really cold being that i live in rhode island and it's pretty cold outside during the winter. i was only wearing a purple hoodie with some dark wash skinny jeans and my favorite pair of ballet flats. Definatly not the best winter clothes, i thought to myself. But i like the cold, it clears my head and relaxes me when i'm tense.

As i approached the corner where i was supposed to turn, so i could get to alex's house i was interrupted from my thinking by a loud car horn.

** i know its pretty short and it really hasnt gotten to the good part but just wait! lol im just trying to get the background and everything out of the way lol. REMEMBERRRRR CCCOOOMMMMEEENNNTTT!!!!! && VVVOOOTTTEE!!!! lmao. **

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