I Knew I Had That True Love (Shourtney Story) by jcfanficaddict
I Knew I Had That True Love (Shour...by Jheny31
"What would happen if I was Shayne's girlfriend? No! Stop it Courtney. You two are friends and that is all. The girls are right. I just miss having someone be there...
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Joven's Little Sister ( Wes x Reader) by miss_marais
Joven's Little Sister ( Wes x Read...by Tacy
(Y/N) Is Jovenshires little sister. When she decides to move in with her brother in LA, she joins smosh games. In the midst of all the things that are happening, she mee...
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Smosh Imagines by Lasercorny
Smosh Imaginesby Lasercorny
Smosh is a wonderful group of people and I would do anything to meet them, since I can't my imagination will. Lasercorn and Sohinki will be included not really Anthony b...
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Youtubers Preferences/Imagines by XxVirtualSpiritxX
Youtubers Preferences/Imaginesby Brooke
Includes Smosh Games, Smosh Crew, Idubbbz, MaxMoeFoe,Filthy Frank, Anything4Views, Shane Dawson, and Drew Monson! (Request others in private message and I will watch the...
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Love Island 2018 by NewWriterXO
Love Island 2018by NewWriterXO
Based on the ITV2 series of Love Island 2018
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Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader} by peanutz2003
Lasercorn's Sister {Wes x Reader}by peanut
You've been living in California for a while, but you were just fired from your job. Thankfully, your brother, Lasercorn, might be able to get you a job at Smosh Games...
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One Day, Maybe (Wesley Johnson X Reader) by babywolf251
One Day, Maybe (Wesley Johnson X R...by babywolf251
You found it hard to find work after you graduated college. It seemed like no one in your hometown wanted to hire you. So, for your graduation gift, your parents gave yo...
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Love island 2018-(A love story) by CarterC321
Love island 2018-(A love story)by CarterC321
Alfie Ryder is a 20 year old from London who is looking for love.During his stay at love island will he find the one or will it just be a holiday?
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Instagram // Wesley Tucker [Completed] by skepticalzy
Instagram // Wesley Tucker [Comple...by valentina
@okokalright started following you Finished [Dec,23-2016]
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Addicted To You°Bozamien°SMUT° by Smosh_BTS
Addicted To You°Bozamien°SMUT°by 1-800-EATMYASS
Damn, I just never knew you were so addicting! WARNING: FUTURE CHAPTERS WILL HAVE SMUTS!!! Started: 12/12/17 at 11:58 p.m End: 6/12/18 Cover by @shipperson
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Cross My Heart, Hope To Die - Wesari by MorganLeigh0729
Cross My Heart, Hope To Die - Wesa...by Morgan
AU based off an Instagram prompt. Wes' To-Do List: Go to the Bank with Joven, go for breakfast with the boys, go home and nurse his hangover. What his day actually went...
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Wes Is My Link( Wes FF) by TheyCallMeSmile
Wes Is My Link( Wes FF)by CheshireSmile
Letti has been editing for Smosh Games for 2 years. She films, edits, does stunt doubling, and also acts just a little tho. She falls for the link in the group while he...
  • link
  • depression
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Cafe{Wesari AU} by Smosh_BTS
Cafe{Wesari AU}by 1-800-EATMYASS
Two lovers meet in a café Started: March 14, 2018
  • weslyjohnson
  • sohinki
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Summer Babysitting Job by ElenaSmith1
Summer Babysitting Jobby Elena
Jeanie was excited for summer, just like everyone else. But when her parents announce that they will be going to Europe for the summer with some high school friends, Jea...
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Smosh Games' new Member (Westheeditor X Reader) by Castiels_girl1998
Smosh Games' new Member (Westheedi...by Sydney
You have just graduated film school and are looking for a job that has to do with filming. Smosh Games is recently looking for a new editor. You get hired and are introd...
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It's You by Girlisti
It's Youby TessyaBoiii
Smosh Winter Games Again + Love Story + Gunman = Dunno •Updated every second day! •I suck at keep schedule so updated whenever I'm motivated! !! THIS IS A TRAGEDY LIKE M...
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Iridescent | Wesley Johnson by BrokenMindsCantDie
Iridescent | Wesley Johnsonby Sarcastic
Things just aren't working out for Emelie Sanders. Los Angeles is foreign to her, the money is sparse and work just isn't what it was supposed to be. You could say that...
  • fanfiction
  • game
  • smoshwes
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It's Really Complicated by jcupcakkey
It's Really Complicatedby Jordan
-SEQUEL TO IT'S A BIT COMPLICATED- Something's going down...And no one is making it out whole. Cover was found on Pinterest
  • squad
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Smosh Family preferences by whotfis5sauce
Smosh Family preferencesby Mei
Just some imagines and preferences because
  • lasercorn
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  • anthonypadilla
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Through Internet • GD by DOLAAANLJP
Through Internet • GDby lea 🥀
They fall for each other through internet. Not my pictures, creds to the people who posted them.
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