Him & I

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Then I just ran as fast as I could away from the problem. I could hear him running after me and gaining on me but I wouldn't let in. Then I heard him stop. That didn't mean he would stop so I kept on running until I ran into someone. "SORRY!" I said embarrassed the day has barely started and I've already bumped into someone. As I looked up I started to form a plan. I had seen this guy before but he kept mostly to himself. Did I forget to mention he was extremely hot? He was like a version of Chase Crawford except badder. He looked down at me with a glint in his eyes, and then I new maybe just maybe this plan could work...


"hi." i said shyly looking up at him through my eyelashes. "hey" he said looking me up and down. Ugh. Why does ever guy i see always looks me up and down but when they hear about my past run away like pussy's. I stood up straight and looked up at him. "Im Scarlett, but call me Scar, what's your name?." i said trying to be a bit seductive. I really hoped it worked. "Hey Scar, im Zach." he said in his melodic voice. I decided to get straight to the point. I took his arm with out asking him and pushed him into a janitor's closet. God, im SO guna be late to class, oh well. "What the hell?" Zach said confused. I made sure that the door was locked. then i turned to him. He had a thick eyebrow raised. "Kinky arn't we?" he asked. "What ever." I said i need to focus. "Look, i need your help." i said to him. "What do yoiu need?" he asked resigned. Good, he's submissive. Hehe. "You need to act like were going out kay." i instructed him. "Trust me sweetheart i dont NEED to pretend." He leered at me. For some reason i didnt feel attracted to him. Ugh, damn Andrei. "Yea, Yea, apparently you dont know my past, good." i mumbled to myself.

Zach had cached that. "What's wrong with your past?" He asked curiously. "None of your business." i said simply. He just shrugged in response. "sure." he responded deflated. "Lets get to class." i said as i held his hand and walked out of the janitor's closet.



Zach, Alex and me were sitting at a table by the end of the cafeteria. God this day was SO not going how i planned. I hadnt seen Andrei. The reason i was 'going out' with Zach was for him to see that i had supposedly moved on and so should he. I was talking to Alex when someone tapped my shoulder hard.

"Ow, what the fuck!?" I said as i turned around. I stopped when i saw who was there. "What do you want?!" i asked impatiently. "To talk to you, in private." Andrei said glaring at Zach. "WHy? Im having lunch with my boyfriend!?" I said and turned to smile at Zach. He looked up like a lost puppy. God can he get a clue?

"That's bull shit and you know it Scar, Come." he said angry. "whatever" I mumbled as i stood up and gave Zach a small peck. I turned to see a really pissed Andrei and smirked at him. We walked out to the hallway outside the cafeteria. Andrei pushed me into the wall roughly. "Ow! that hurt!" i yelled at him. "Does it hurt as much when you cut yourself? Huh? Does it hurt as much when you ignore me and them end up going with that freak Zach!?" He yelled back at me but let go of me. The look in his eyes, the pain, god i was a monster. But i COULDNT let him in. "Just go please." I whispered. "NO Goddamn it! i WANT to be here for you! WHy wont you let me!?" He yelled again.

Then Zach walked up to us concern and anger mixed in his face. "Get the fuck away from my girl!" he yelled at Andrei. GOd all this screaming. My head had a major migraine. They had started to to argue and i could tell that they were fighting but everything was starting to blur. I started to whimper. This only happened when i took pills. But i hadnt. Had i? Then slowly everything went black.


I woke up to be on Alex's bed. what? Wasn't i supposed to be at school? im so confused. Then i started to get little flashbacks and then everything came back to me in a flash. I groaned. I looked at the red glow from alex's clock. It was 2:30 a.m. "urgh." i knew one i woke up i wouldnt be able to go back to sleep. So i stood up and through on some comfy sweats and a hoodie. I knew it was going to be FREEZING outside but i didnt mind. I walked out of the house.

I didnt really know were else to go at 2:30 in the morning so i settled to go to the park. As i walked silently on the streets, it was eerily quiet. I could only hear the soft rustle of my house shoes as i walked slowly enjoying the biting cold. As i approached the park i saw a tall silhouette sitting on a swing. My steps faltered. Should i go? I started to walk again. I had nothing to lose, whatever. I walked up to the person and sat next to them on the swing. "Hey." i said quietly as to not ruin the quietness of the night. "Hi." a familiar voice responded.


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