Him & I

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The moment between us disappeared and a small smile was on his lips. "So where are you heading? I could give you a ride you know." Once again his little jerk act was back on. Ugh. I looked at him with a total look of disgust. "Come on!" he said while chuckling. I walked up to his car and couldn't miss the way his eyes were glued to me. I felt a sudden rush of heat all around my body and all I wanted to do was get inside the car and start making out with him. AHH! I can NOT think that! I thought of a plan that I just couldn't resist to try out. I smiled at him with what I hoped was a seductive smile. He gulped in response. This was going to be fun...

"Sure I'll let you drive, but answer one little itsy bitsy question." I said as I started to get closer to him. "Sure. Ask away." He said having a little bit of difficulty with his breathing. Wow. I didn't know I had the much of an effect on him.. "Okay.." I said seductively as I was getting to his lips. "What's my name?" I whispered with so much lust in my voice it surprised me. I wasn't acting anymore. My mouth was gently moving up and down his neck and I could hear him breathing hard.

"Shit." I heard him mumble. "Umm... Andréa?" he said completely wrong. I noticed the slight accent on the word though and I was curious. I giggled like a total dork. I mean who does that? [no offense to anyone who does that lol] "Nope." I said popping the p loudly. I heard him grumble and it completely made me hysterical. I Moved back from his soft strong neck and was on the side walk holding my stomach from laughing so hard. Tears were starting to blur my vision from all the laughing. I looked up to see him looking at me like I was crazy. Perfect! Now he wouldn't want to drive me anywhere! Then I saw him get out of his car and head over to me. I was still laughing like a hyena. Not very attractive by the way. He came over and was suddenly super close to me. He looked down at me. Wow... his really tall. I had lost hope for me to become just a little taller when I was 13 and permanently stuck to being 5'2.

I stopped laughing like a lunatic so he wouldn't think I was SUCH a lunatic. "Hey, why'd you stop? I like how you laugh! I like how you laugh like a crazy person, it's a total turn on." he said smiling gently at me. I suddenly felt myself blush to my roots and I HATE it when I blush! "Hey I think I even like it more when you blush." He whispered to me roughly, as his lips went to my neck and started to graze my collarbone. It felt so GOOD, but I had to resist I mean he doesn't even know my NAME! I stepped out of his grasp. "I'm sorry but you don't even know my name! I can't do this! Not now." I quietly said. He looked at me seriously. "Fine, what's your name?" he said seriously. "Scarlett." I answered.

"Well Scarlett, that's one beautiful name just like you." He told me. "Thanks." I said looking down. "What's your name?" I asked curiously. "My name is Andrei" he answered me. "Where are you from?" I asked curiously. Since I heard his accent you could hear it sometimes when he said a word, but just barely. "Im from Miami but my parents are from Spain." He said. No wonder! That explained his slight accent. Which not to mention was totally hot. "Whoa, so do you speak Spanish?" I asked. "Yep, and let me tell ya, you are one hot mamasita!" I cracked up at his lame pick up line. He chuckled. "So you wanna see how hot I cant get?" I asked seductively. "How bout you come inside my car and show me?" he asked his voice turning once again rough.

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