Him & I

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~Scars P.O.V~

I was sitting down in the corner of the small room. I was looking around desperately for anything that could help me. I stood up and started pacing when i heard the door open behind me, i turned around quickly.

~Mr.Ass P.O.V~

I walked to the holding room and opened the door, which revealed the back of Scarlett's frame. I know she's hot and everything but for some reason i don't feel attracted to her. Strange. "Aye, get up we are leaving." i told her harshly. She looked at me with a face that confused me. It was a combination of anger and submission, if that even made sense. Man this chick was weird. "Sure." She responded.

I told her to turn her back to me and she did unwillingly. I cuffed her up. It was basic procedure. I know this isn't a criminal or anything, but e just wanted to keep them safe. She was extremely small,like a pixie. I then covered her with a bandana so she wouldn't know where we were going. I managed to do all this without a peep. How odd. I finally finished and walked her out the room. The guys looked at me and started winking and basically acting like asses,but without letting Scarlett hear. So i simply pulled her along with one arm and with the other flipped them off. Ha-ha. Thats what they get, asses. I walked her outside and pulled her onto the back of the black van i drove. I closed the door and headed to the front door.


~Scars P.O.V~

I feel myself get pulled along and hear a door open than close. I finally get that god awful bandanna off and then the handcuffs. I turn around and i see mr.ass just looking at me emotionless. I want to get this over with and get back to Andrei. "What do i need to do to get out of here?" i asked him with a bored voice.

"Take a seat."he told me.

"NO. I want to leave NOW."

"Just do it!"

"NO god damnit!"

"FIne if you take a seat ill tell you whats happening."

"Fine." i answered back grumpily.

I sat down with a plop on the sofa next to me. I crossed my feet Indian style on the coach. "By the way what's your name?" I asked.



He sat down in front of me on a chair. "Okay, i'll tell you what's going on-"

"THANK GOD!" i exclaimed, haha just felt like getting on his nerves.

"ANYWAYS" he said.

i just snickered in response.

"We are a team of guys that helps kids that have hard lives,live on the streets, going bad things. Things like that. So were gonna help you." he explained bored.


"Yeap." he answered.

Wow, i really feel like killing someone right now. "I was doing perfectly fine, you do realize that right?"

"Sure you were, with your druggie dad slash perv. You were doing, what was it? Awesome?" he asked me sarcastically.

"How the fuck do you even know what happens in my house?"

"We normally keep an extra eye on the bad parts of towns."

"humph. Well i REALLY need to call someone. Like RIGHT now. Please?" i said desperately. I really wanted to talk to Andrei but i didn't have his number.

He looked at me skeptically. "Okay," he said hesitating. "But we arent supposed to do that." he added.

"yeah yeah whatecer." i agreed quickly.

He rummaged through his front pocket and grabbed a cellphone. A nice one too. Does everyone have nice things except me? Oh well. He handed over the cellphone and i started to dial the only number i knew by heart.

"Hello?!" Alex's voice answered worriedly.

"Hey...your probably gonna kill me right?"

"SCARLETT ANNE WICK! WHERE THE FUCK HAVE YOU BEEN!!!" She yelled trough the phone.

She was so loud that i had to hold back the phone at arms length or i would go death. I looked up at Wes and he was just looking out the medium size window that was near.

"Its a long story but ill explain everything to you when i get back to you mkay?" I told her, trying to calm her down quickly. It somewhat worked.

"Okay, okay. But do you realize that you have had Andrei, Me, and my mom worried sick?! HUH? DO YAH?"

"Let me talk to her" i heard Andrei's voice in the background trying to let Alex to give up the phone. Good luck with that, i thought.

"Pass him over." i told her.

"ugh, Here come over here you idiot. She wants to talk to YOU." i could here the jealousy. ha-ha.


"Andrei, babe calm down im okay ill be there in a bit and explain everything okay?" i told him, trying to calm him down too.

"No i'll go get you wear are you?" He asked me.

I looked up at Wes wondering if i could ask for the address. He was able to hear the conversation and shook his head, meaning no. Aww crap.

"No it's fine Andrei ill go. Be there in a bit." I hung up quickly trying to avoid another argument.

I handed back the phone to wes and looked at him straight in the eye.

"Take me home."


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