Him & I

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Chapter 2

I jumped a little at the sound from the horn. I turned around and saw a black Austin Martin Vanquish. I mean im not a car freak or anything but i do know a good car when i see it and that is one good ass car! (lol) While i was staring dumbfounded at the car, the drivers tinted window rolled down to reveal a freakishly hot guy. He looked about 18 or maybe even 19. He had black wavy hairand his face was sculpted as if it was a god's. He had the most beautiful emerald green eyes i had ever seen. And his mouth. GOD his mouth was so sensual just looking at it i wanted to kiss it. Whoa there girl, i need to calm down.

The hot guy had a smirk on his face as his eyes grazed all over my body. You could say that im pretty. At my school guys sometimes ask me out , but normally they dont because they know about my past and i guess they're scared of it. Im barely 5'2 with a curvy body that i got from my mom. I had green/hazel eye that i got from my dad. I had black wavy/curly hair that came to my waist and my face was clear of any blemishes. I had kind of a pixie look going on.

I guess the guy liked what he saw because after he was finished practically undressing me with his eyes, he looked at me and asked, " You need a ride ,babe?" Um. Now i probably forgot to mention that i have a pretty bad temper when i get mad. I mean what the hell! I know this guys is like SUPER hot but that dosnt give him the excuse to call me "babe". ugh. he was about to get a wake up call. " Now look here asshole , i dont need a damn ride especially from you AND my name is NOT babe!" i yelled at him.

He started to smiled he looked awfully amused. NOW i was getting pissed. I hated when people did that! ugh. " You can wipe off that grin of your face or you want me to wipe it off for you?!" i yelled at him. I saw a amused glint in his beautiful eyes. " You know what i think i do want you to take it off for me. Why dont you get in here and show me!?" he leered at me. "UH EWW! i would NEVER kiss you!" i told him.

Okay i know that may not be the complete truth but i mean hello? he seems like a total jerk so im gonna treat him like one. His eyes looked kinda sad when i said that and i instantly felt bad for being so mean. I might have also forgotten to say that i may have a temper but not for long. "Umm. im sorry. Its just that... today hasnt really been going.. to well.. you know?" i asked him though i dont know why. He wouldnt know and probably wouldnt care since i didnt want to kiss him or do anything else. Understanding flickered through his eyes and he looked at me. Not undress me with his eyes just look at me as if he knew exactly what i meant.

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