Him & I

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I'm sitting a white room. Everything in here was white, the ceiling, the floor. Everything. I had been picked up by a guy after I had asked the question. No one had responded bu I was going to find out. They had thrown me in what I'm guessig is the back of a van. Pfft. Can you say cliche?! Anyways I was now sitting in the room. They had taken of the bandana from my eyes so I was able to see my capturers. All I saw was one smoking hot guy! He was tall (aren't they all?) , and you can tell he was muscular but not liked massive or anything. You could still tellthat if he was in a fight he'd probably win. Basically he was a living and breathing example of tall, dark, and handsome. Man who even says that anymore!? I looked at him inocently, maybe if I act like a slut he'll let it slip why I was kidnapped. Nice one Scar. He looked at me with no emotion what so ever. Erm.. Okay maybe this might be a little but harder than I think.

'hey.' I said with what I hoped was a sexy voice.

'i'm not gonna tell you why we kidnapped you so don't even try' he told me in total seriousness.

Fuck! I NEED to know or I'm in deep shit. As if I'm not already in it.

I tried again, 'please , I'll give you a little in return' I said pathetically.

' Im not even going to respond to that you slut so just shut up, I'm here to keep an eye on you not for you to try and use me for sex. No thanks.' he said glarig at me.

'you fucking ass I'm not a slut!' I yelled standing up.

'that's not what it seemed like when you were trying to get in my pants. It's understandable I won't hold it against you.' he said rather arrogantly.

'oh puh-lease you pretentious pig!' I yelled right back at him. I was clenching my fist tightly against my sides.

'oh would you look at that!? The little emo girl knows a big word! Do you even know what it means?' he asked me like a total asshole. The whole emo shit caught me off gaurd. I just stared at him. My temper out the window. I just stared at him with no emotions playing on my face at all.

' I think you should leave.' I said.

' this isn't your place to tell me to leave, but my boss is calling me. Don't do anything stupid.' he said in the same emotion as me.

Once he said that I realized this isn't a game and andrei is going to be seriously pissed. Aww shitballs. I stood up pacing around the small confined area I was put in. Ugh what am I going to do? I would have tried to escape but it was a lost cause. The room basically looked like those rooms where they put the crazy people and it's like a big soft marshmellows. Yummm marshmellows would be amazing right now. Okay focus. Back to the situation at hand.

1.I had to escape.

2. Kick mr. Ass in his butt.

3. Find out what the crap is going on!

-Mr.Ass p.o.v.-

I hate this job so much it's a bunch of bull. I'm not gonna lie I would not mind getting some of that but she's too much of a slut and reminds me of my sorry excuse of a mother. It was funny how she was getting all mad after I called her a slut. Of course I couldn't show my emotions , it's part of the job. I was walking out if her room that we made especially for the people we 'kidnapped'. It's a bit confusing. We were a team of a bunch of guys and we'd hunt down for kids, teens, that had home problems that were really really bad and we would help them out. The reason I don't like my job ANYMORE is because I have a gut feeling it's gonna be fucking annoying as hell to look after Scarlett. I arrived to the were all my friends relaxed. I saw Kane my best friend sitting around with a bunch of the guys.

'aye Wes! You lucky bastard you sure have a fine peice of ass to look after!' Kane yelled to me. I just laughed.

'i sure do!' I responded half heartedly.

I just really wanted to go back to my apartment and drink a beer and take a nap.

'you guys I'm gonna go home can I leave the chick with y'all?' I asked them.

'dude you know we can't do that but I wouldn't mindtaking care of her for the night..'kane said.

The second he said that I knew for a fact she was coming with me. I mean his my best friend and all the shit but his a guy and there's a hot chick here put them together. You knowthe rest. So I walked back to were the slut was at....this was going to be a long night.


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