Him & I

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"Oh sorry, I didn't see you I'm -"he said before I interrupted him. "ANDREI?!" "What are YOU doing here?" I yelled in total shock.

I turned to Alex. She looked at me with a look that said I was going to have to explain everything to her but not right now. With that she left me standing next to Andrei. He was looking at me with a emotionless face. When he looked at me like that I just couldn't take it. I tried to walk past him to get to class but something held me and didn't let go. I turned around, "What do you want?" I asked resignation in my voice. "An explanation." He said in a monotone. I looked at him for what felt like a while. I weighed my options. Tell him, he thinks I'm a little girl looking for attention. Not tell him, he thinks I hate him. For some reason I cant handle for him to hate me. So I stood as tall as I could and told him what I thought was right.

"What happened the other day can't happen anymore, I have a boyfriend and if he finds out hell probably kill you, no joke." I said with no emotion in my voice. His faced turned to stone when he finished processing what I said. He stepped back and I noticed what he was wearing. It was simple but sexy. He had a simple white v-neck and some dark wash jeans with an old black leather jacket on. I focused and look back up to his face. "What the fuck scar? Why don't you just let me in? I know your lying!" He yelled.

Then I just ran as fast as I could away from the problem. I could hear him running after me and gaining on me but I wouldn't let in. Then I heard him stop. That didn't mean he would stop so I kept on running until I ran into someone. "SORRY!" I said embarrassed the day has barely started and I've already bumped into someone. As I looked up I started to form a plan. I had seen this guy before but he kept mostly to himself. Did I forget to mention he was extremely hot? He was like a version of Chase Crawford except badder. He looked down at me with a glint in his eyes, and then I new maybe just maybe this plan could work...

** OMG! You guys I am SOO!!! Sorry!! I have this terrible headache rite now and it wont go ahead and me writing really isn't helping! Lol well tell me wat you guys think and I am extreamly sorry it is so short ! :s ill try to upload as soon as my headaches gone. :] sooo like I always say comment, rate && fan me! Btw I put syndicate by the fray [p.s. I LOVE them! Lol ] cus it was the song I was listing to when I was writing.

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