Him & I

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I didnt really know were else to go at 2:30 in the morning so i settled to go to the park. As i walked silently on the streets, it was eerily quiet. I could only hear the soft rustle of my house shoes as i walked slowly enjoying the biting cold. As i approached the park i saw a tall silhouette sitting on a swing. My steps faltered. Should i go? I started to walk again. I had nothing to lose, whatever. I walked up to the person and sat next to them on the swing. "Hey." i said quietly as to not ruin the quietness of the night. "Hi." a familiar voice responded.


I turned to stare at him. It was kind of hard because of the low light but there was enough light from the moon to see his guarded expression. The look on his face was so heart-wrenching i instinctively put my hand on top of his. His face was looking at the soft grass that was coated by snow white snow. But when i put my hand on top of his he looked up at me. Something flickered in his eyes. Hope? Sadness was there though. He moved his hand so that we could hold hands. I didnt want to do this, to much drama, to much hurt if he broke me. I was going to rip my hand from his when i looked into his eyes and saw only pure pleading. Instead i just sighed.

I think he could sense that i was having a a fight with myself so he didnt say anything. That's good, because if he had i would probably snap at him and leave. And i didnt want to do that. So i decided to talk. "Andrei, i uhh know that you kinda like me -" i started to say but then he interrupted me. "Scar, i like you ALOT sometimes i worry about HOW much care, since you dont return the feelings." He said, at first he had looked into my eyes with determination but he ended with looking at the floor again. I didn't know i had made him go through so much pain. I mean we barely met each other! But i know what he's trying to say. I remember how when we first met, i felt something different. Because of that though is why i had run away.

I had decided to fuck it. I'm just going to see if he really mean what he told me, what he's been telling me. I was going to let him in, into my dark and ugly life. "Do you really want me to tell you about my past? And sometimes STILL present? I don't think you do!?" i asked him going kind of crazy at the end. I mean nobody and i mean NOBODY aside from Alex knows. He could brake me with what i was about to tell him. He looked deep into my eyes with sympathy, trust, and something else. Love? NO! i just IMAGINED that. "You know i want to know." He said quietly to me still looking at me with those beautiful deep green eyes.

And so i told him. Everything. I had started to cry and he picked me up from the swing and was sitting on his lap, my face cozied on his neck. I stopped telling the story and started to chuckle. "What's so funny?" He asked curious and confused of the change of mood. "If we fall and break this shit i am SO gonna beat that shit out of you!" I told him laughing full out now. He laughed in response and stood up still holding me.

"Okay, where to my princess?" He asked me in a really bad impression of a king.I started to laugh and i could seem to stop. I was truly happy right now. I haven't felt like that in months, maybe years. My laughing had started to subside when Andrei stroked my cheek with one of his hands while the other on was holding me to him. Whoa. He must work out because to hold me with one hand? Damn. I looked into his eyes and they showed how happy he was that i had let him in. I was glad i had, too. " Aww, why'd you stop? I love it when you blush, you look beautiful." He said sort of sheepishly. I just smiled. "So where do we go?" I asked, i was walking beside him now holding on to his hand.

He smiled down at me. "I know where, but it's a surprise." he told me mischievously. "Please, can you tell me." I asked him, giving him a puppy dog face. "Come on! Don't do that to me! Look away Look away!" He said to him self. I started to crack up and doubled over in laughter. He smiled probably happy that i had stopped with the puppy face. I finished laughing and stood up. He was still looking at me. I had been looking at his full, luscious lips for a while now and got a flashback of when we had kiss. I was instantly warmed up and could feel me getting excited.


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