Him & I

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I looked at his eyes and they had narrowed at me. "What's wrong?" i asked concerned. "Nothing." he grumbled. What the hell did i say? We had started to walk again. We walked up to the porch and he searched in his pocket for the key. I stood silently thinking for reasons he was mad at me. All i knew was that- "Come in."He said. His voice didn't show any anger. It didnt show anything. "kay." i said to him quietly as i walked into the house. It was dark inside because the only lights that were on were from the porch. I stopped at the doorway, nervous because Andrei wasn't acting right.


I was looking down at my feet. I was trying to figure out why Andrei got mad that i said that he was rich. When i get nervous i start pulling on this rubber-band that i have so that i won't have to cut. I know pathetic right? I was extremely agitated. All you could hear through out the house was the snapping sound of my rubber-band popping against my wrist. I didn't like it when people were mad at me. Then Andrei's hand covered mine and the movement stopped me from snapping the rubber-band. I looked up at him hesitantly. He was looking down a me with eyes so sad i thought i would start crying by just looking at them. "Stop." He breathed. I looked down back to my wrist. The skin near my wrist was all red and blotchy from the contact of the rubber-band when it snapped.

"Why?" I asked him defiantly. He KNEW i did that! He should be happier that it's just rubber and not a blade. God, it's like we keep going in circles. I like him, i don't. I seriously need to make up my mind. I looked back up to him. I was shocked. He was angry. I stepped away from him. He stepped closer. "You want to know why, because one day your going to go to far and the consequences wont just affect you it will affect me, alex and everyone you love." he said in a steely voice. I looked at him returning the anger. "Whoa, TWO people! TWO fucking people care about me! You know but it'll probably be more like ONE." I yelled stepping back through the door and feeling the cool wind whip around my hair. He looked pissed. I can't even start to explain how mad he looked. "Oh my fucking god Scar! When are you gonna get used to the idea that im NOT GOING ANYWHERE!" He said. I was surprised. He hadn't yelled but the words still affected me, maybe even more than if he HAD yelled. I could feel tears starting to well up and a ball stuck in my throat.

"Im sorry." I whispered. Then i started to cry. I made no noise, but the tears where falling, and falling hard. He came to me in an instant and i was accosted by his familiar guy-ish smell. He hugged me tight and that was all i needed. "It's okay." he whispered on my neck. He kept lightly brushing my hair back and i was happy. I don't know why but i just was. I looked up at him and gave him the biggest smile i had. He chuckled, and kissed me on the lips. I was taken aback. But instantly i kissed him back. It was starting to get hot in the house. Wait, maybe it was us. I giggled. "What's so funny?" Andrei asked as he showered me with kisses down my neck. He hit my soft spot and i moaned. He looked at me and the look in his eyes was so hot thought i was going to melt in his arms. It was getting heavy i was kissing him everywhere that my lips could reach. Then we broke apart by the loud chiming from the grandfather clock. We both stopped slowly and looked at the clock. Fuck! It was already 4 in the morning! "Shit! I need to go!" I told Andrei.

"Come on! Don't leave me this house is really scary when no one's home!" He said mimicking a little boy. I was thinking. I really could walk to Alex's, no way my place, and i really didn't want to leave. Then Andrei gave me a crooked grin. I smiled in response. "What are you planning now?" I asked. He was smiling like he was thinking of a master plan. "Stay the night." He said simply. Whoa. So that's what he was thinking about. "Don't worry i wont try anything. Promise." He said with such a serious voice i started to crack up. "Okay, okay. I'll stay but you got lucky this time!" i said. "YES!" he yelled like he was a little kid. I just smiled. "Are you hungry? Thirsty? We have cookies!" He asked excitedly. I just laughed. "It's okay i'm not hungry you do realize its 4 in the morning. All i want is some sleep!" I told him smiling. He blushed and i just went a hugged him. He was just SO cute when he blushed! "Aww look at the lil baby blush!" I cooed. "Hey i am NOT a baby!" He said. I just started to laugh then he smiled when he saw me.

While we were talking we walked up stairs and into a big room. We were at the door of a room and it was open. I could tell it was his because it had car magazines and a really big plasma screen t.v. "Umm. The guest room is under-construction right now, its getting renovated so.." he trailed off. I could tell he was uncomfortable, so i decided t save both of our time and just walked to what seemed to be the closet. I opened it and got a big t-shirt that he had. Then i walked to what i was pretty positive was his bathroom.

I changed into the shirt and was washing my teeth with a new toothbrush that he happened to have. Actually he had a whole PACk of them! What a weird guy. I laughed quietly. I knew he wasnt asleep because after i went to change i could hear him change and then he had turned on the t.v. and i could hear the soft murmur of the late night show program. I put my hair in a messy ponytail then walked back to his bed. I slid into the bed and i felt him tense on the other side of the bed. Well, this isnt gonna be awkward. Note the sarcasm.


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