Him & I

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I changed into the shirt and was washing my teeth with a new toothbrush that he happened to have. Actually he had a whole PACk of them! What a weird guy. I laughed quietly. I knew he wasnt asleep because after i went to change i could hear him change and then he had turned on the t.v. and i could hear the soft murmur of the late night show program. I put my hair in a messy ponytail then walked back to his bed. I slid into the bed and i felt him tense on the other side of the bed. Well, this isnt gonna be awkward. Note the sarcasm.


I turned opposite to him and curled my self as far as possible so he wouldn't get the wrong idea. His room was slightly cold, i mean it was warm but there was a coldness that i guess only that guy that was on the other side of this enormous bed could warm up. I heard the soft click of the t.v. when he turned it off. I felt the bed slightly move. Then i was encircled by strong, toned arms. I wiggled a little to get more comfortable. "Hey, go to sleep." He whispered tenderly in my ear. I just nodded as his lips grazed my neck leaving tiny sparks where ever they went. Once i was in his arms i fell asleep right after he whispered to me. He had said something else but i could really understand since i was losing a war with my eyelids and they stubbornly closed.


It was completely dark in the corridor i was walking in. I had this sense of panic filling me and making me to start to run. I didn't know what was going on i just new i had to get away.I kept running, it felt like i had ran miles but i couldn't be sure since the walls,floor, and ceiling were blank. It was all completely and intoxicatingly black. It was barely illuminated by a light that was far at the end of the corridor. At least i hoped it was. It was eerily quiet the only thing you could hear was the sound of me panting and the sound of my feet hitting the floor. Then i heard the distinct rough voice of my father. I could hear him and he was racing after me. I was in shock his an old fat man! He shouldn't be a few feet away from me when i was sprinting as fast as i could! I could feel my self being soaked by my sweat that was gathering everywhere. The corridor was getting hotter by the second. Then i heard my father yelling at me as he grabbed me from behind.


"SCARR!!! WAkE UP!!"

I was in Andrei's arms soaking wet from sweat and shaking so badly everything was moving around me."Baby, wake up its okay it was just a dream. Im here its okay." Andrei whispered in my ear worriedly. "Uh, can i go to the restroom?" I squeaked. I had to think. A look of hurt passed through his face. I felt bad, really bad. Here he was trying to be so sweet and here for me and i was pushing him away, again. God what does he see in me!! "Sure." he answered. God i was really a jerk. I went inside the bathroom and went to the sink and washed my face with some cold water. I looked up and saw my face. I had bags under my eyes and they were red and puffy. Then i realized something. I am sick and tired of running away from my problems. TIred of having to stay over at Alex's house just because of my father. Sick of having to carve into my skin just to relieve all the pent up emotions i had inside me. It was now or never and with that i walked out of the bathroom and went straight to Andrei's closet. I found a white v-neck shirt and some sweats that were to small to fit him.

"What are you doing?" Andrei asked standing behind me. I had finished changing and put the clothes i had on into the near by hamper. "Im making things right," I said to him looking directly into his eyes and trying to tell him not to follow with my eyes. Understanding flickered trough his eyes. "No, don't its not safe." he said in a monotone but anger in the undercurrent. " I have to if i ever want to be happy." i said, and walked out of his room. He reached me while i was walking down the stairs. "Please cant i do something? ANything?" He asked me desperately. "No, but trust me ill be back. Ill never stray far.."i gazed at his beautiful eyes. With that i walked into my future with my head held high.



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