Him & I

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I walked up to his beautiful car and he trailed behind me. I was going to open the passenger door but suddenly my hand moves was gently moved out of the way and his strong tan hand was opening the door for me. No one had ever done that for me, ever. My eyes must have given away my emotions because Andrei while he opened the door for me and I sat down he kissed me lightly on my forehead. He smiled gently and closed the door and made his away to the drivers seat. "So you gunna show me how's it done?" He said with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

Pfft, "Pfft. Don't please yourself of course I'm NOT! " I said making my voice sound as if I was really actually mad at him. His face showed mock sadness tinged with a hint of actual sadness. I just chuckled to myself. He had turned on the heat on high and I could feel my self thaw out. I had forgotten that I had been freezing cold when I had started to talk to him. I gratefully started rubbing my arms around myself trying to warm myself even more but I was already starting to warm up quickly. "Thanks." I told him gratefully. "No problem I didn't want you to freeze to death." He replied. "So where do you need to go?" he asked me. "Just make a turn here and it's the third house." I said. He nodded and turned and I could see Alex's house.

"Whoa. That place is really nice!" He said while he was staring at Alex's house. I couldn't blame him the house was really nice and big. I remember when I came here for the first time.


I was standing next to Alex with my mouth hanging open. "Whoa this place is awesome!" I told her. "Yea I mean I guess it is but it's not really homey to me." She said to me kind of sadly. I looked at her then and saw sadness in her eyes. "I know exactly what you mean." I told her quietly. Later that night we where in her room and I was changing into my comfy pajamas. I had forgotten to bring the long sleeved ones to cover my arms up. Instead I brought my favorite ones. They where some flannel bottoms that where purple and black and a black tank top that I loved to sleep in. She noticed the gashes that were healed but had dead skin embedded in her scar tissue. You could see the ugly flaps of skin that was where she cut herself and even a new red one that you could tell she had done recently. "What the fuck happened to you?" Alex asked suddenly. "Oh, umm. I have this cat and he likes to scratch me and umm he does it really hard so it scars." I lied. But not well enough. "Yea and I bet your cat is a blade and you just happen to cut yourself to hard am I right?" she asked. It scared me how she could break my barrier that I had built to not let anyone in. So I told her the truth. "Yep." I told her emotionless. "Well, where best friend and I'm going to help you no matter what, okay." I could feel a small tear slide down my face and we hugged each other.

**End of Flashback**

"Scarlett? SCAR!?" I jumped from my little flashback and turned to face Andrei. He was looking at me with a strange emotion on his face. Worried? Concerned? I must have been seeing things because what would he care. "Uh yea?" I asked. "What's wrong you totally freaked me out for a second! Are you okay?" he asked with such worry in his questions that I just couldn't take it. "IM FINE!" I yelled. I hadn't meant to be so mean when I saw his face look so sad. "I'm sorry I just have to go. Thanks for everything." I told him as I opened the door and walked up to Alex's house. I was walking quickly. All I wanted was to get to Alex and tell her everything. I don't know why the whole encounter with Andrei had upset me so much but it had. This was when I was the weakest and I had the urge to find something, anything sharp. I don't understand though, this really wasn't any reason for me at all to cut myself. I was about to walk up the stairs to the porch when a hand grabbed my wrist. The hold was unbreakable but it was still gentle and the touch burned, I wanted to see who it was that had such a power over me.

As I turned around I walked into a strong wall. It was Andrei; I had just walked into his strong chest not a wall. His eyes held a strange determination but for what? "What do you want?!" I asked angrily. I just wanted to go inside and look for some scissors. "What's wrong!" he asked matching my anger. "N-O-T-H-I-N-G!" I spelled out in anger! "Okay whatever sure but when your ready come and talk to me!" He said with such an angry voice yet he wasn't yelling, it scared me. "Just go." I said trying not to show him that what I wanted was the opposite. I just had to many mixed emotions right now.

"Whatever." He said as he turned around even from behind I could see his back tensed and he walked in long angry strides. Luckily I had a key to Alex's house. I put the key in and turned it. The door opened and I walked in and close the door and locked it. I slid to the floor and held onto my knees and just looked at the wall thinking. I had been there for a while when Alex came downstairs with an empty glass and a box of Oreos. Her eyes widen for a second as she took me in and saw me holding myself on the floor. She walked to me and sat down next to me. "Hey." She said quietly. With just that word I broke into sobs. "Its okay Scar." She said quietly as she hugged me and I started to calm down. "Ugh." I said. "You want some Oreo's." She asked me as she started to open the package. "No I jus-" I said before she interrupted me. "You know you want some." She said with a smile. I couldn't resist she knew I LOVED Oreo's! So I hesitantly took two Oreo's from the box. We started talking about school and how we had everything perfect for our first day of school tomorrow. She didn't ask me again about what happened but I wasn't ready to tell her just yet.

"Are you staying over?" she asked me while we where watching a re-run of Fresh Prince Of Bel-Aire. "Um...if you want me to." I said grabbing some popcorn from her hands. "Sure! My mom bought you some pj's the other day for whenever you stayed here." She told me. I really didn't like when people treated me like I couldn't pay for my own stuff but I know Alex's Mom meant well so I didn't have too much of a problem. "Awesome, Well we better go to sleep or will never wake up for school tomorrow." I said. It was already 1:30 in the morning. "Crap! I forgot I don't have anything to wear! I'll just have to wake up early and stop by my house tomorrow." I said while I groaned in my head. That was not going to be enjoyable, hopefully my dad would be to high to even notice me. "That's fine I would let you borrow my clothes but you're to curvy. Man! I wish I had your body Scar!" Alex said. We both laughed as we walked up to her room. "You can borrow my moms spare car to go to your house." She told me as she handed me the pj's her mom had bought me. They were to cute! The shirt was black and had a really cute penguin on it and the shorts were cute she also bought me some cute fuzzy little monkey slippers. [http://www.polyvore.com/met_you_at_corner_store/set?id=14259179 ] I put them on and went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth with the toothbrush I have here then I washed my face and went to the bed next to Alex's.

Her room is humongous! She has two of everything! The way it's decorated is totally hip and modern. I jumped into the bed and I instantly fell asleep.

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