Him & I

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someone covered my eyes with a bandana making it unable for me to see anything, not that i could see anything regardless. i felt myself be thrown into a wall. i let myself be thrown around I knew there was no other chioce. I was pushed onto a chair and I could feel someone breathing down my neck as the tied my arms behind the chair. I grunted when the tie from the rope was tied extreamly tight. 'What do you want from me?' I asked with no emotion. I didn't want them, whoever it is to think I'm some little weakling. I needed to be strong. 'Oh we want alot of things from you but first, we want you to pay for what your bitch ass dad did to our boss.' a gruff voice said. what the fuck did my dad to now. what a fucking asshole. 'What did he do?' I asked with an undertone of resentment towards him. 'Let's just say he did some fucked up things and try to out smart us, but looked how that ended up.' the same voice answered from before. 'And how do I end up in this situation?' I asked sincerely. For some reason I wasn't even scared anymore. I was rather comfortable actually.

I know it's short and stuff but I'm not gonna be writing alot soo sorry you guys you don't know how much it pains me to not be able to write alot right now:( :)-Jess

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