Chapter 7 | Fake Person?

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| First day of hiatus: horrible.

(i wrote this Author's note yesterday)

Remember the beep test or pacer test or whatever you like to call it?
Today I just did it and I made it to 50.
I usually do 30.
I thought I could do half of what Emma had done (in my fanfic) and I held on that thought and guess I did it.

I'm proud of myself. However, I almost passed out and was about to throw up lots of times. It was horrible.
I have never passed out in my life, but just the feeling that I was about to? Total nightmare.

Just thought on sharing this with you guys because satan also suffers with ordinary life's problems.

Enjoy (or not 😈) and comment your thoughts|

"That's... your sister." Elsa said, jaw dropped.

"He finally found himself a girl!" Anna said, happier than the other 2 girls.

"I don't think that's it Anna." Elsa said. "Emma he's... Killian isn't like this. He's probably using Olivia as a distraction of Milah. I'm sure about that." Elsa said to her, finding an excuse to this almost like she was trying to make her feel better.
But how did she know Emma's heart was aching right now?
Was her pain too evident?

Why was there pain exactly?
What the hell?

She closed her eyes and looked around.

The girls stayed in silence just taking in the ambient. However, Emma's eyes couldn't stop narrowing to them.

That's when she saw his hand going under her dress.
She couldn't take it anymore.

"Do you guys know where's the rest room?"

"I'll go with you. Anna you stay here?"

"I'm gonna look for Will." She said and the two girls walked between the bodies to go upstairs.

"You seem to know Victor's house really well..." Emma said trying to start a subject.
The second floor was too silent compared to down the stairs.

"Yeah Victor always gives this parties. It's kinda like tradition. His parents are really important people so they're almost always away in trips."

Emma opened the bathroom's door and looked at the mirror to see herself and take a breath.

"You're not okay..." Elsa breathed.


"I noticed that you were hurt." She said.

"I'm okay."

"Is it because of Killian?"

"No, it's not that..." She looked to her and back to the sink. "It's Olivia."

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No, never mind. It's useless. Let's just go downstairs for a drink."

"You're hurt. You should talk, you know? Something's bothering you. You shouldn't just save it to yourself."

She looked down to the floor, her hands playing with her nails, a nervous habit of hers.

She didn't know if she could trust Elsa.
What if she went downstairs and told her everything.
Or if she did something that she didn't want to "try to help her".

"How can she do it? How can she always have it? What does she has that I don't have? I'm a mess. And... I don't know how to fix myself." She said as single tear rolled down her cheek, ruining her mascara.

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