Chapter 34 | Can't Handle It

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|Idk if I've explained this earlier, but I make Emma a runner in this ff bc I believe that to be a bailbonds person you can't exactly be a couch potato like myself|

It had been a week, an awkward first week of relationship, but she felt like she has never been happier.

They had decided not to show off the new status too much on school. Olivia was still there so they kept the stolen kisses and she usually sat on his lap.

Even so, that wasn't a problem. When they ended school at the same time, they'd go to Killian's house and then around 6pm he'd drive her home.

Their group of friends took the news really well (though they already knew this would happen some day) and she discovered she really loved hanging out with all of them - like they did last Friday when they went bowling.

When she told David about him, well, she wasn't really expecting him to hug her and tell her he was happy for her and that this would be good for the both of them.

"I didn't know you cared."

"Guess he's grown on me a bit."

"Well, he tends to have that effect on people."

"All right, don't push it."

That saturday night, Mary Margaret came over to have dinner with them, and she couldn't help but imagine them as a family. A really good one.

"Hey do you like running?" she asked him through the phone the day after.

"Can't say that I hate it."

"Well then do you wanna go try out that running path that I told you about near my house?"

"You sure you can handle me, Swan?"

"Well perhaps you're the one who can't handle it."

The next saturday they met at the park near the path at 9am.
She missed running, and she loved the fact that he was doing this with her.

They walked to a plaque that said the path was of 4 miles lenght in its totality.

"Think we can do it non-stop?"

"Easily." he teased her.

Time passed and before they knew, they were already seeing the end of the path. Those were the slowest minutes of her life and she saw that he was going to give up, right before their goal.

"Almost." it was all she could say to him, her lungs feeling like they needed all the oxygen in the world.

Then he was slowing down and for seconds he was being left behind so she circled her fingers on his wrist and, together, they did it.

"Keep walking, don't stop." she breathed or his blood pressure could suddenly drop, and that wouldn't bring any good.

"You'll be my death, Swan." he said between deep breaths.


After that he drove her to his house.
Yes, her house was a block away from the park, but she didn't want to leave him already and seriously walking a block wasn't exactly what she most desired.

"You can go first, I don't mind."

"No, no, you men are quicker in the bathroom. Go first."

As he took his shower, she walked to his bedroom and sat on his bed relaxing her sore feet.

She stared at his desk and noticed pictures of young trouble-free Killian. She immediatly got up to look at them from close.

In one of them, Killian was holding a beautiful (very) pregnant woman from behind her and kissing her on the cheek, his fingers interlacing with hers on her big baby bump. It was their mother for sure.

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