Chapter 39 | Her Day

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"Come on everyone get up. School's in thirty minutes."

She got up, like every single day. If she stayed more time, she could be punished by Ms. Mader and she really didn't want that on her birthday.

Even though that was all she'd want to do, sleep some more. She was exhausted because she had stayed up watching the big clock on the wall in the dark while everyone was asleep until it was midnight, like she did every year.

Today was the day she turned 10.
One year older which meant even less probabilities of someone adopting her.

She picked her favorite outfit, because today was her day.

"Happy Birthday, Emma! I'm so happy for you." Lily, her best friend forever, told her when they saw each other.

She was the only one who always remembered.

At lunch, everyone sang her the happy birthday song, a big cake in her class' canteen table.

In the end, all they cared about was eating her cake, some throwing it to the floor while they played tag.

She pretended she didn't care. She didn't even like that cake.


After dinner, a small box was on her bed.

She ripped it open and found a book.
A book that she had already seen in many girls' hands.

Reawakened, she read.
What was is about? Fairytales? Princes and Princesses? 

She started reading the first page.


She couldn't wait to get home and be alone for an hour to breathe and tell herself that they were just busy and they hadn't just invented excuses to be with her. Even though, that was the truth.

She took off her backpack so she could get the keys in the front pocket, holding the bag on her stomach.

When she opened the door, she searched for the light switch on the wall with her right hand while the other was holding her school bag.


Her bag dropped on the floor.

She couldn't stop staring at all them that were standing behind the couch, with their hands in the air and big letters saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY EMMA were hanging on the wall.

She started crying right then, because yes, Elsa did have a presentation tomorrow and still, she was here.
Because Killian and Jefferson did have an exam next week, and they were here.
Because Anna and Will had been all day trying to make her feel better for the lies, because they'd be here.
Because her father and Mary Margaret and Neal were there grinning like idiots and looking at her like this was the best day of their lives.

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