Chapter 24 | Tomorrow

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| Warning: this is gonna get very emotional.
Satan strikes again.

This is one of my fav chapters so grab some popcorn



  Emma was used to things always going wrong.
Maybe too used to them, that got her afraid of them.

Seeing her foster parent sleeping on the couch, not only one night, but consecutive ones, was something that had already happened to her.

She was 7 at that time.
She'd started finding her adoptive father sleeping on the couch and two weeks after the couple was divorcing and she was being sent back to the system.
As usual.

This could only mean a bad thing, and every night she came down to check if David was still not sleeping with her and it only made her feel worse.

The next afternoon, during another bus ride with Killian she asked him what should she think about the situation, if she was just overreacting.

"I think it's normal, Emma. That used to happen with my parents too. Couples fight." he had answered.

She looked at him trying to understand how he felt towards this subject. She couldn't see anything.
Because in that exact moment he was thinking about her.

He noticed how worried she was about this.

He noticed how she looked so beautiful with her usual ponytail.
He noticed how he wanted so much to kiss her again.

"It will be okay." he said.

And that was exactly all she needed to hear.

He knew he had promise her that they would take some time, she wasn't ready, but even so, he took her hand in his and just held it, only separating when she had to leave the bus. That was the first real contact they had since that day at his house.


The next day after having lunch and preparing her things to have English, she waited with the others in front of their classroom door.

There were still 15 minutes left so she decided it was best if she went to the toilets then.

"I'll be right back."

After it, she decided to stop by her locker and get her english books.
On her way back, she saw Olivia crying with her phone in her hands, a guy next to her trying to comfort her.

"Olivia just calm down."

"I can't fucking calm down, Graham!"

She was sobbing hard and that vision made Emma tighten her hold on her books.

"What happened?" Emma finally gained courage to ask.

The look on Olivia's face when she turned to answer her made it clear that she was mad. She was mad at her.

"Oh what happened? Like you didn't know already..." Her voice was filled with sarcasm and she knew this was only the beginning. "This? This what you do to people. You go around playing the orphan card so people can pity you. That's what you want. It's always all about you, Emma. You're too innocent. I'm the bad guy here, isn't it Emma?!" She was yelling now and she was walking towards her.

"Olivia calm down." She heard Graham on the background.

"No there's no fucking calm here!" She yelled and all Emma could do was stare. She was paralyzed. "You listen this clearly: you caused this. My parents are getting divorced because of you. This is your fault." They were getting divorced. She was in shock. She couldn't move, she couldn't speak. "You ruined this happy family. You came and you broke us apart. Do you even know why my mother adopted you? It was all a show. You're nothing but a phrase in her Curriculum. You are and you'll always be useless, you bitch."

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