Chapter 6 | Let me be The One

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| Btw Anna and Elsa in this fic are just friends like sisters. They are not blood related.

Warning: You'll want a lot the next chapter now 😏😈



She followed Olivia. The front door was already open, a group of people talking and smoking here outside in the garden.

It was midnight now.

She walked inside, noticing a guy staring at her.
And it felt good.
She felt beautiful.

Though nothing would never happen.
She knew what these guys wanted, and she certainly wasn't one of those girls.

She walked inside, the house was full of people. Various tones of voices in the room, and a low soundtrack going on in the background.

She felt lost in the middle of so many people.
She wanted to find Elsa.

She decided to call her.

"Hey you're here already?" She asked.

"No no! One more minute. My father's just turning to the road now. Anna's already with me she came to my house to get ready and- are you already there?"

"Well yeah I'll just go outside and wait for you."

"I'm sure Killian and Will are somewhere there."

"Well it's really hard to find. I'm swimming in bodies."

"Wait I'm here."

And then she hung up.
Emma went outside to find the two of them getting out the car laughing.

"Emma- whoah." Elsa came to her. "You look beautiful oh my God!" She said grabbing her arms.

"Thank you- so do you. Both of you." She said when Anna got out of the car too. "You look amazing."

"Thank you."


"I know Killian from diapers."


She was surprised Anna knew Killian for that long.

"Yeah!" They had to almost shout because of the loud music. "He's always been like a brother to me."

After Elsa disappeared with Jefferson to dance, the two women were now sitting on a couch, drink in hands, as they watched Killian and Will talking.

She couldn't help but blush remembering the words he had said to her "You look stunning, Swan." and the admiring look on his eyes.

"Will doesn't seem drunk to me." Emma mumbled. She liked to analyze people. That was something she liked to do.

"Yet." Anna said. "It's still one a.m" she laughed knowing Will.

"Nor does Killian." Jefferson said joining the girls, sitting next to them with Elsa on his other side.

"Oh Killian doesn't-" Anna started but decided not to continue because she didn't know how to explain it.

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