Chapter 16 | The Curse is Broken

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"I'm soaked wet because of you." she murmured when she could finally see her house.

He looked at her, his eyebrow raised and a toothy smile on his face, his tongue following the line of his teeth. And that's when she realized why he was doing that.

"Gosh, you guys are all pervets. I'm wet because of the snow!" she said but then couldn't help but blurt out a laugh.

And the fact was, he didn't care that she thought he was a pervet because he made her smile with this. And the best was that this hadn't been her only smile this afternoon. The best was that she hadn't stopped laughing and showing him how beautiful she was when she was happy, her glasses with droplets of snow but still, her eyes bright as he had never seen before.

"We're here." she said when they stopped in front of her garden.

He pulled out his phone from his pants to see what time it was. "And it took us an hour and half to walk you home, plus 30 minutes of exhaustion trying not to fall."

She gave him a smile, one that he mirrored to her.

"So now it's that moment you kiss my cheek before going inside and I stay here, my cheeks going red?" he teased her and she just laughed.

And then his hand was hanging in the air, like he was asking for a handshake.

"What are you doing?"

"Well I'm sure the kiss isn't an option, so handshake."

She looked at him, without knowing what to do or say.
She realized there had never been a moment where they felt the pressure of greeting or saying goodbye, so this had never happened before.

It had always been 'hey' or 'bye'.

He was making the situation complicated, when it really didn't have to be.
There was no problem in kissing him on the cheek like normal people do, but he had to fucking tease her about it and now she knew if she did it, it would mean more than it was.

His smile faded when she retributed him, her hand hitting his, followed by an intricate series of handshakes.

He had actually hopped this afternoon had let her walls down.
But no, there was still a lot of work to reach that goal.

She gave him a little smile, before turning around and heading to her house.

He stood there, watching her walking away just like in the movies.

As she walked, she was thinking how maybe getting closer to him wouldn't be that bad. That maybe it would make her feel good, make her happy, instead of making her suffer.
Not everything went wrong in life, right?


"Your self-esteem is a little bit too high isn't it?" She teased him as she looked down to her english notebook, scribbles of the words KIDH all over her paper.

When he first did it and (of course) she looked at him in confusion - because what the hell does KIDH mean - he explained her that it meant Killian is Devilishly Handsome.

After the first time, she actually erased it, but then she realized he wouldn't stop re-writing it so she just let him.

"Just the truth, admit it."

She rolled her eyes, focusing back on Miss Blanchard who was uselessly analyzing a poem they had just read with the class.

She should find this annoying but then she'd look at his face, his arm closed to hers to reach her notebook, and a smile spread on his face as he wrote down the letters.

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