Chapter 37 | I Beg You

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It felt like a dream coming true.

"Oh my God." she kept repeating it, hiding her face on his neck.

"I can't believe this." he was still looking at his phone, reading and re-reading it over and over again because it was actually happening.

"I wanna scream right now." he heard her say on his ear. "God, Killian. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you." she said it multiple times, kissing every part of skin she could reach from there and she couldn't control it when she bit his shoulder because she needed to release her energy or she would wake up the whole house.

"Bloody hell, Swan." he locked his phone fast, putting it on the floor and rolling himself so his back would be against the couch and she would be facing him. That's when he noticed she had an unbelievable-wide grin on her face and a tear of joy was rolling down on one of her cheeks. "We did it, love."

She giggled and giggled after he kissed her so intensely.

"I'm so happy." she mumbled, laying her head down, her right cheek against his chest.
He had no idea that hearing those words from her could bring him so satisfaction.

He remembered back when they met, the lost girl who had just moved into a new town.
The one who never cared about her own interests, who preferred to have the others telling her what to do because she thought she was a burden.
Or the hopeless orphan, that ran away from home with intentions of never coming back.

They stayed like that talking about nonsense, about happiness, about their future, about one day reading the sequel together.

They wanted all that to come true more than anything.


She woke up when she heard footsteps on the kitchen which was in the room next to where they were.

Killian was still asleep and a blanket that she had placed upon themselves in the middle of the night was still covering them.
She had been on top of him so he certainly felt warming. But she woke up with her skin cold.

And then there was Killian's hand, that was basically pressed against her breast.
No big deal, right?

She had fallen asleep completely on top of him but during the night they had shifted and now they were both with their backs to the couch, well, Emma's back to Killian's chest.
And his arm was on top of her shoulder, his hand reaching her chest and part of his palm holding her boob.

Then she imagined what it'd be like to finally lose her virginity to him.
She was no saint and she had been more than ready to feel it.

She wondered how did couples know when was the right time to do it. Did they just ask "hey wanna do it now?" or plan dates knowing it'd happen after it?

She's never been on a date.
But she wanted him to ask her out.

Did teenagers still have dates?
Did she imagine herself on a romantic restaurant, with candles and expensive food with him? No.

She remembered that his hand was still there so she just moved, not caring if he'd wake up, because at least that way he wouldn't see that his hand was pressed on her breast and that would save many days of awkwardness.

He didn't wake up, though.

He didn't wake up for the next half an hour and she kept hearing Elsa and Anna's voices in the kitchen, so she got up carefully this time to join the girls.

He appeared at the kitchen's door less than 2 minutes after.
His unconscious refused to sleep without the presence of her body.


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