Chapter 3 | There are no Limits

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She was actually disappointed to find out that she didn't have Maths with him, but glad when she saw him outside eating lunch on one of the picnic tables.

"Swan." he said when she sat next to him.

"You texted me last night."

"And you didn't answer."

"So it was really you..." she mumbled in disbelief. "Look I gave you my phone to get Olivia's number. I even told her I gave you her number. How will she react when she finds out you got mine instead of hers?!"

"Guess that won't be my problem." He took a bite of his sandwich and the way he smirked at her made her roll her eyes.

"Hey, who's the new friend?" Then a guy sat on the bench in front of him.

"Will, this is Emma. Emma, this is Will."

"Hi." She said almost in a sigh.

"Why hello... What's a pretty lady doing here?" She quickly shot him a wide look.

"Cut the flirting Will." Killian mumbled, his mouth full with food.

She sighed and got up from the wood bench. This was useless.

Along the day, she couldn't stop thinking on what exactly did he want with this. The way he kept calling her by Swan.

After her old foster mother died in the car accident, her father couldn't look at her anymore without thinking on the long lost wife.
Even for Emma, the pain had been too much. It was too much to know that you lived in a house that used to be someone else's too. That there was someone missing.

So she and the father talked together like they used to, and decided the best way was to just let go and move on.

The Swans had been the only family she had ever loved. The only time she was proud to say "I'm Emma Swan" and the first time she felt normal.


One day a week was movie night in the Nolan's house.

Since tonight no one had anything to do, Wednesday be it.

Olivia had chosen this week's film and "since I am in depression mood because Killian hasn't texted me yet" she chose to watch the Notebook. Again.

She didn't understand these movies. She didn't understand what would people learn with them.

They're just mere illusions. This would never happen in real life.

That's something she never understood either.

These things, are possibilities, are choices of actions. We could be this happy - just like in the movies. We could be this in love. We could have that all.
But people choose not to.
People choose to suffer.
No. People choose to make the others' suffer.

"Em want some popcorn?" David's voice interrupted her thoughts.

She loved to theorize.

She felt her phone buzzing in her jeans' pocket but it was movie time. She didn't know how they'd react if she just closed herself in her own world. Her favorite world.

Though she was sure Neal and David were more focused on eating popcorn than on the screen.

But she waited.

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