Chapter 27 | Come on in

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"Emma, I talked with the doctor. He said tomorrow morning you can leave. You just gotta change your bandage every day and the scar will eventually heal."

"That's good- I guess."

"I'll just take Killian home, and I'll come right back."

"Mr Nolan, you really don't have to." Killian said, getting up from his seat by her side.

"I insist. I'm really sorry I made you stay up all these hours."

"Don't you have classes tomorrow in the morning?" Emma spoke, her mood more lightened after telling them everything that had happened and with his hand always holding hers.

"Yes, I do. But it's totally okay. I've slept less before and survived." The truth was, he was just going to skip that class.

"I'm really sorry for all this." she said and he knew she wasn't just talking about the fact that it was 5 in the morning.

"Don't worry." he reached down to kiss her forehead. "Seeing you was worth every second of it." he whispered, and when she saw her father smiling in the background, she knew he had heard it.


She woke up when he walked in.
She's always done this, waking up if there was a single movement around her.
It was creepy though, it was like her subconscious always detected the smallest of things, even when she was in her third sleep.

She had gotten this habit in the system.
Many old boys had tried to steal from her or use her while she was sleeping.
She had learnt how to wake up to catch them the worst way.

Anyways, it was hard to sleep after everything that happened that night, and with so many nurses passing by.

"You okay?" David asked.

"Yeah." She whispered.

"I brought you clothes for tomorrow."

"Thank you."

"Emma?" She looked at him in the mainly dark room. "We need to talk."

He had trained this conversation on his way there. He didn't want to hurt her, but they needed to talk.

She was looking at him, waiting for him to start.

"I know what happened with Olivia. We did divorce because of you, Emma. But the difference between blaming you for it and thanking you for it is a lot. I thank you Emma. I finally see clearly thanks to you."

"But... You used to be happy. I ruined that."

"You showed me that I can truly be happy now, without her."

"Is it true you two adopted me so that she could get the best job?" Emma asked after a short silence.

"Yes." He swallowed. "Emma, I never liked that idea. It was using a child for our own benefit. I tried to tell that to her, but I quickly realized there was no way to change Regina's mind."

"So you're doing this for pity."

"No, Emma." He brought both his hands to her cheeks and her face was between his hands. "I started loving you since the moment I met you, since the moment you became my daughter."

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