Chapter 36 | #1 fans

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"I think the date went well. He invited her for dinner again tonight at our house."

"That's a good thing, love."

They sat by the swing in his backyard the next monday before they had to go to school. David even had insisted that she spent more time with him since he was alone all by himself in that house.

"I've been thinking on adopting a dog. So it doesn't feel that lonely here."

"I think that's a great idea. Sure you can take care of him?"

"Well I've had a dog before."

She smiled and sat up to kiss his cheek.
Yes, because ever since she "met" that swing she always lay down on it, and instead of having her feet on his lap like she used to, now she had her head on his lap. His gentle fingers drawing on her skin, and brushing her locks of hair while they spoke.

"Do you know what's the most strange thing about not having my father or Liam here?"


"They could be dying right now-".

"And you wouldn't know it." She didn't even let him finish the sentence, because she already knew that feeling. He looked at her surprised. "I've wondered that exact thought during all my life. There's a possibility that my parents are already dead."

She looked him in the eyes and swallowed. She always thought that her ugliest side was when she was laying down, but the complete look of love in his eyes while looking down at her said otherwise.

"Do you still believe that one day you'll find them?"

"I do. But now? I have David, Neal, Mary Margaret... You. I'm happy. It's like I don't feel that need to find them."

"Aye, and I you." He grinned at that, bowing himself down to kiss her.

They swung a little, enjoying the comfortable silence and the warming (well warmer than the usual) morning in February.

"Class starts in half an hour."

"Class with my dad's girlfriend." She laughed. "I also happen to have dinner with her, my teacher, tonight."

"Bloody hell, that is so messy."

"It is." She chuckled. "Well, 5 more months and she won't be my teacher anymore."

And then it hit him. 5 more months and it could be the end.

A month after, Killian adopts a dog named Buckley.


In March they got a 4-days holiday and on its first day they decided to plan a big sleepover at Jeff's house.

They had dinner there, the sound of laughter filling the dining room.

Will finally admitted that he and Belle were dating and that led to Killian and Jefferson picking him up like they had just won a football game, yelling "WILL GOT A GIIIIIIIIIRLFRIEEND! WILL GOT A GIRLFRIEEEEND!"

She was just glad he had no neighbors.

After dinner, they all sat on the living room playing Cluedo. Elsa was the murderer and Emma found it out.

After staying up till 4am talking and telling stories that made her want to pee from too much laughing, they went to their beds since Elsa was already sleeping and the alcohol was starting to have its effect on Will.

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