Chapter 5 | Daddy-Daughter Bonding?

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"So do you have any specific place to look for a dress?"

"Oh I don't know... Any mall is good I guess..." She kept locking and unlocking her phone trying to make the moment less awkward.

She was rarely with David alone, though she loved being with him.

"Let's try City Square?"

"Yeah, that one is pretty good."

She looked down at her phone again.


"At what time do you have to be ready?"

"Well my ride comes picking me u- Fu..." And then she realized that she had canceled her ride to the party with Killian. And then she also realized she couldn't swear because she happened to be right next to her foster father. "I mean..." She sighed and was surprised to see David chuckling with her almost bad language. "I canceled my ride, because I thought I wasn't going. I'm just gonna ask him again-"

"There's no need, Emma. You know I can take you there. I'm also taking Olivia."

"Right. Thank you."

"So we have a whole afternoon to find a dress. I think we can do it." He said parking the car, and smiling at her.

"Yeah we can."


It felt strange.
She now knew what being daddy's daughter was like.
And it felt good, though it wasn't real.

"Oh, I like this store."

"Let's go then."

As they walked inside, she felt his protective arm coming around her back.
She could see that he was trying to approach her.
She knew she wasn't helping.

They started walking to the right side of the store, looking at each piece of cloth.

"What do you have in mind?" He asked her. She understood it was hard to help her with choosing a dress if he literally knew nothing about her likes.

"I was thinking on black. Something not too big or long... Something simple I don't know."

They kept walking and then her eyes were caught on a simple but beautiful dress. It ended before the knees, it was tight and made with lace in the arms and collarbone.

(Here so you can imagine it - sorry if you don't like it but I'm just really a fan of bershka)

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(Here so you can imagine it - sorry if you don't like it but I'm just really a fan of bershka)

"I like that one. It's sexy." And what he said should have put her in an awkward position but the way he said it made her blurt out laughing.

"Sexy hun?"

"Well I'm sure it will look good on you. Let's see the rest of the store and then we come back here."

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