Chapter 33 | We Are Both

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"Guess this is where I'm left alone..."


"Killian, you can stop that already. You chose her, and the consequences of that decision. I just- Killian, after mother, after Milah, you were literally devastated, you almost got yourself killed. Don't let that happen again while I'm away."

"Then don't go."

"It's our father, brother. I have to."

He woke up the next day in what felt like an ordinary saturday morning, but he was completely alone now.
He was having his guitar exam next week and that was all he needed to focus.

Since he told Will, Jeff, Elsa and Anna about his brother's departure, they always made sure he wasn't alone all day.
And that was why Jefferson had invited him over to practice.

"Love bird calling you hun?" Jeff teased him when his phone rang.

"I'll just call her later."

"Hum..." Jeff mumbled and because he only had silenced the ringing, he grabbed the phone from his lap when he was distracted, and answered her.

"Hey, Em! It's me, Jeff! Killian's at my house right now. Maybe you could come over and spend the afternoon with us?"

"Bloody hell, Jeff."

"No I'm serious. Come on Emma. I was thinking on inviting Elsa too. Here's an idea! We could all have dinner here."

"Great. I'll see you later Em."

He hung up and gave him his phone.

"You're welcome." Jefferson said with a silly smile.

"Thanks though..." Killian admitted. "She kissed me the other day and I didn't respond in the best way because of... Liam and all that. Now I've been trying to make her see I want that back."

"She kissed you?"

"Well... It had happened before."

"And you didn't tell me anything?!"

"You're the one always calling us love birds. I thought it wouldn't be that surprising."


Elsa arrived with her and he couldn't shake this feeling that this was like a double date.

When she arrived, he felt like saying something, so it was like he was pushing himself to remember anything to say.

"You called... Did you want anything?"

"Oh no, no... I just felt like calling..."

"Afraid I go down without my brother?"

"I never said that."

"But we both know that's what you-"

"Jeez stop that! I like you! I called you because I like to talk to you!" She almost wanted to shake him to realize the truth. She sighed and walked to the kitchen where Elsa was preparing dinner.

"What the hell are you doing?!" Jefferson came to him. "Did you see the way you just treated her?"

"We both know I was right-"

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