Chapter 12 | Creating Routines

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Here some daddy-Emma feels for you all:|

The next morning Emma woke up as sleepy as usual even without an hour of sleep.

She was a morning person though. She actually had a weird habit of waking up to see the sunset in the system.
She would even convince her old friend Lily to wake up with her and they'd end up being caught by the assistants doing night shifts in the orphanage.

She liked the dense air in the morning. Breakfast was her favorite meal. She liked the way her skin felt fresh before the day start.

Apparently, not everyone in the Nolan house thought the same.
Emma and David would always get ready first and would wait for Olivia to get ready for half an hour. Literally.

That was one of her favorite parts of the day.
She could just relax in the car before facing school.

"At what time does school end today?" David would always give her small talk.

"I'll be here for lunch."

"And do you have any plans today?"

"No, no. Today I can relax."

"Maybe we could hang out a bit? Today I leave work early, around midday."

"Oh- I'd like that." She smiled and she could even see the relief he felt with her positive answer. It was like he had been expecting a no.

"Five hundred years after - here comes Olivia." He mumbled looking outside the window which made Emma turn her face to see her walking down the small stairs in the yard with her high heels.

She would never understand this girl.


"Ever heard about Granny's?"

"Ah... No?"

"I'm sure you'll like it."

They walked in, a small bell ringing when the door opened and she could already feel the coziness of this diner.
The intense smell of coffee in there.


She really woke up for life when she saw Miss Blanchard calling her, sitting on the stools in front of the counter and her fingers still holding her cup of whatever it is.

"Miss Blanchard. Hi. Dad, this is my English teacher."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Emma's father."

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