Chapter 10 | He left

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|for who doesn't know: Reawakened is actually the ouat book of season 1

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|for who doesn't know: Reawakened is actually the ouat book of season 1. Basically all the eps were written in a book and its amazing. I wish there was one of season 2 or others because then there'd be Killian and CS and hdjsksksk|

That afternoon they finally figured everything out and decided that it was indeed easier if he could just have one of her books to read.
Meanwhile, Olivia had arrived and because she never minded going to check on Emma, she only noticed he was there when he was leaving, and that ctually pleased Emma.

They stayed the whole afternoon reading her many - lots of them, really - books.

She told him the foster system would always give presents to the kids in special holidays like Christmas and birthdays and that the majority of them were books. She got used to that so even though she wasn't there anymore, whenever her parents- foster parents would ask her what did she want she would say books.

"Reawakened? What's this one about?"

"Oh..." she took it from his hands and sat on the bed, legs crossed. "This is just the book I've read a thousand times, nothing more." she chuckled. She kept touching its soft cover, almost like if she closed her eyes she could go back to the old days, the day she got this book, the days she started daydreaming.

"What's it about?" she looked up at him, coming back to reality when she saw his warming smile. She was really glad they had figured out things.

"It's about a lonely woman, orphan... and on her 28th birthday she makes a wish - not to be alone anymore. And exactly then, there's a knock on the door and I'"

He chuckled at her bossy (silly) face.
If only she had a mirror in front of her whenever she talked, she wouldn't have done halt of what she did. That was the thing with her - she gets lost with him.

"I... got this book when I turned 10. It was a gift from the system. It made me feel special." She looked down at it again. "Even when I realized every girl of my age had gotten the same book." She laughed.

"I'll read this one."

"What? No... It's about fairytales you won't like it."

"Lass, I've rarely read books. I can't really tell I won't like fairytales."

"It's just- no... It's too big. Three hundred pages, see? We can choose another one." She showed him the last page number that said 337.

"Swan, I'm going to read it. Just give me one month and maybe I'll even finish it earlier."

The project's due was to the end of the term so it was enough time.

"Alright." She sighed.


She found it strange when she didn't see him all day at school, and she started worrying when he wasn't in class with her.
The teacher had asked the class if anyone knew about him but strangely, the answer had been no.

"I've texted him but he didn't say anything." Will had said.

"Well he's never with his phone anyways." Elsa added. "He probably got a cold. He's alive guys."

She had been with him the day before. He had been so perfectly fine.

She went home that day, and the thought actually made her chuckle.
She missed that dork with her waiting for the bus.
She felt too exposed, too alone, too bored waiting.

She seriously started worrying when the day after he still hadn't come nor answered any texts.

"I heard his father died." Olivia said that night during dinner.

Emma didn't control her first reaction of letting her fork and knife fall on her plate, making a big noise that put everyone at the table looking at her.

"How do you know that?!"

"I heard."

It had to be a lie.
Rumors. It's always like this.

Even though there was a big probability that it was all a lie, the thoughts of him going in another depression wouldn't leave her mind.

His dad was the only parent he and his brother had. What would happen to them?

The next day, on Elsa's birthday, as she mostly feared, he didn't come.
When Emma went to tell Elsa, Anna, Jeff and Will about what Olivia had told her, she was surprised that they already knew. The whole school had been talking about that.

So the friends planned to go visit Killian after school. Jeff would drive them all home after.

When they arrived and parked right in front of the small but beautiful garden of his, they got out of the car.

She had never been here. But so far, it looked like nothing had happened. That Killian would be perfectly fine inside there.

Elsa knocked on the door, everyone else not too close not to give too much pressure.
She was surprised to see him open the door, his face angered and his jaw tense.

In a blink of eyes Elsa was hugging him. He didn't hug her back then but seconds after, he accepted the fact that he did need support and that his friends were right there to help him.

"Happy birthday, Elsa. I'm sorry I couldn't make it today, I wasn't just-"

"I know, silly. That's why I'm here now. I couldn't miss you on my day. What happened?" She said once she pulled away.

"I came home 2 days ago," 2 days ago? That's when he spent the morning at her house. "and he wasn't here. He left us. He bloody left us."


Emma didn't say anything all afternoon.
After they walked in, they all moved to the kitchen along with Liam and they explained everything that had happened in the last 2 days.

They explained how they caught track of many failed tries of false identities. How his phone number was no longer available. How his clothes, his belongings were all gone, only his car was here.

She didn't know what to say.
Everyone would say something from moments to moments but Emma kept watching and listening to the scene.

Saying "I'm sorry" or ask "How do you feel?" was useless. She was good with actions, not words.
If only their friendship had come to the phase they would casually hug, she would have already given him one.

| Short chapter but lots of new things coming soon.

I'm currently writing chapter blabla (you can't know) of this fanfic and it's their first kiss and I'm squealing bc I can't wait for you guys to see it MHAUHAHAHA

So yeah, Rewakened will be VERY mentioned in this book.|

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