Chapter 25 | Alone Out There?

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|Just so you know I looooooved reading all your comments of you in pain and despair in last chapter :)

Now grab some popcorn again.

Warning: This chapter ends in cliffhanger|

She had made her decision.

It was going to happen again.
She didn't want to, this time, but she had to.

When she stepped inside her house, she knew exactly what she was going to do. She had been planning this all over in her mind on her way back from school.

She ran up the stairs to her bedroom and she climbed her desk's chair to reach the bags on top of her wardrobe.

She got a gray backpack and then she packed.

Toothbrush, comb.
She opened her wardrobe doors: 5 shirts, 3 jeans, an old jacket, a blanket and her baby blanket that she had gotten with Killian.

She needed a bigger bag.
She tossed everything out of the small backpack and put it all in another one. A bigger one.

Once it was done, she ran down the stairs to the kitchen.
All kind of protein bars, muffins and small stuff, she took it with her.

She hopped she didn't miss anything.
She had every essential with her.
Every thing that she'd need at least for the first month.

She went up the stairs again, and got to her own moneybox, throwing it inside her backpack.

She was ready.
She could do this.

She went back down the stairs - god dammit she won't miss these stairs - and she opened the door to leave.

She was leaving another house.
She was leaving another home.
She was never coming back.
She was never going to see David again, or little Neal.
Neal. She was going to break the kid's heart. There wouldn't be more coloring books.
She was leaving Killian, and Elsa, and Anna, and Jefferson, and Will.

But she was also leaving Olivia, and Regina.
Gods. All this time she had always been nothing to them.
She had never understood why had they adopted such a troubled teenager, almost an adult.
Now she knew. It was all for Regina's job.
'The mayor's financial manager? She just adopted a lonely hopeless child! How nice of her?!'

She was tired of fake. She was tired of being fake.
Now she was alone. She didn't have to pretend anymore.

And with that, she closed the door.


At 9:37pm, Killian was already on bed thinking about what could have possibly happened that day with her - that made her kiss him that way -  when there was a loud knock at his door.

Liam was downstairs, talking on the phone with someone so he hopped he'd answer whoever was ringing at this time of the night. Recently he hasn't left his phone and a big wall has been growing up between the two brothers.

"Killian! It's for you!"

"Bloody hell." He groaned, getting up of his warm bed. He wasn't expecting at all to find David Nolan at his door.

"Killian. Is Emma here?"


"Is Emma here? Please don't lie to me. She isn't home. Please just tell me she's with you. She can stay. Just- please tell me she's okay."

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