Chapter 44 | Epilogue (PART 2)

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| And here it is. The last chapter of this fanfic. 😭❤️|

He felt a little bit lost being one of the rarest men in the room (many of the women even gave him seductive looks).

I mean, a hot guy... Who reads?!

But then there was this strange feeling that he got startled every time he saw a blonde hair in a ponytail. Like his brain told him that it was Emma, and only a second after he looked at them, his heart would tell him to relax because it wasn't her.

He waited in line until he finally got to Odette.

"I'm Killian from the e-mail." He said smiling a little and scratching behind his ear.

"Killian? Weren't you in Ireland?"

"Oh- how do you know that?"

"Emma told me, many years ago."

Calm down, Killian.

"Yeah... I... I had to go there for a few years, but... I'm back." He suddenly felt the need to ask her how was Emma? Where was Emma? When did she last saw her? "Has she been around?"

"She was just here half an hour ago. She always is, every year."

"Emma's here?" He breathed and he could already feel his heart beating fast.

"Well unless she's already gone home..."

He couldn't help but turn around to see the line behind him, people - women walking from every direction with a book in their hands or many sitting on the floor reading together or just talking and laughing (too) loud.

"I see that you two haven't talked in a long while..." She said with a warming smile. "You should try to find her. Talk to her. I think right now she'd like someone. Someone like her." She spoke and nodded down at the book he was holding.

"I- I have to go."

"Yeah, you do. Good luck finding her!" But he didn't even make it to the door when he heard her again. "Wait! Killian! She's right there!" She pointed to a blonde way too far for him to recognize. But he could see she was very pregnant, her hair was down, no glasses and was wearing a lovely sun dress. That couldn't be Emma.


"The one with the the denim jacket and yellow dress."

He looked at her with confusion but thought there was only one way to find out.

He could only see her profile, her hair covering part of her face and she was walking in circles, talking on the phone.


Mary Margaret had called her asking how she was and if she had been drinking lots of water or standing up for too much time in lines, on which she answered she was already leaving with her signed book.

When she hung up, she took a last glance at Odette before leaving, wondering if she could go there just to say a last goodbye.

But then, Odette was already looking at her. Actually, she was waving at her, like one would do to stop a car and it felt like she had been hours and hours doing that and she didn't notice her.

Then she pointed at a man, a black-haired man dressed in dark pants and a soft blue shirt. One of his hands in his pocket and the other- fuck it's Killian.

Her heart jumped at the sight, and in a matter of milliseconds, she felt an awful popping sensation, followed by an immediate gush of very warm fluid that soaked through her pants.
Her waters fucking broke.


Was it him speaking?

His voice was so different. So much darker but still so sweet and warming.

"My waters broke." That was all she managed to say, looking down and absentmindedly grabbing her enormous baby bump.

"I- I'll take you to the hospital. Can you stand?"

"Yes, I'm okay."

It was like nothing has ever happened.
It was like he never sent her that hurtful text.
It was like they had never been crazily in love for each other.

"Come on, I'll take you to my car."

"I'm all wet, please use mine."

She would never be comfortable knowing she'd be sitting on his car seat when all her legs and underwear were soaked.

"Which one's nearer?"

A contraction took her by surprise, making her groan and close her eyes until it was finally gone.
She had to count the time between them.

"Mine's right in front of the entry."

She never looked at him in the face.
Part of her (a really small part of her - but come on, she had to see a good side of this) felt lucky for this because then they wouldn't have to talk about the past, or worse, the present.

"Come on." He said, offering her arm in what Emma thought would be to help her walk by his side, with her arm on his.

"I can walk." But she could't even touch him. Not after everything.

Although she had refused him, she still felt his hand like a ghost against her lower back.

"It's the yellow bug. Lemme just..." She grabbed her bag as she looked for the car keys when another contraction came which took her by surprise, making the bag fall. Or maybe it was her hands that couldn't stop shaking.

She wasn't ready to have the baby now.

"Let me help you." He was already picking up her bag from the floor and looking inside for the keys.

Her old glasses, a box of contacts, a bottle of water, her wallet, and he finally found the keys.
He didn't say anything when he saw the ring he had given to her on her birthday, the one that had written "You're my home." on it and that was now mixed with all her things in her bag.

"Get in." He said after opening the door to her, this time she accepted his help.

"Do you want me to call to anyone?" He asked as he started driving.

"I'll do it." She whispered and grabbed her bag. He noticed she stopped, her hold on her leather bag tightening.

"Another contraction?"

She didn't answer for a few more seconds, and he, worried, glanced at her again and noticed one of her hands tightening on the car's door handle.

"I'm fine."

She didn't make a sound.
Instead, she bit her lip and curled her toes.

"You can scream if you want, love." He said with a chuckle trying to calm her down. He had never seen her or anyone in so much pain and it scared him.

She ignored him and just grabbed the phone, dialing a number.

"Hey... It-It's happening. Yes I know it's soon, I just- Yes I'm already on my way, just please come fast. Yeah, I will."

He wondered who the father would be.

"How long were you?"

"8 months and half."

She was clearly unprepared for this.

"I'm sorry I made this happen."


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