Chapter 26 | Found

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|Loving loving loving seeing you're suffering because of me|

"I said put your hands above your head!"

She couldn't believe this was happening.

"You too girl." His tone was rude, impatient, scary.
Suddenly, she had a gun pointed to her face. She did as he said.

"Give me the money now. If you do not cooperate I'll hurt the girl, I'll hurt you."

There were two more men like him behind him. Their faces were covered, the only thing she could see were their eyes and mouth.

Suddenly she was being turned around to face the shop assistant by strong arms and something was touching her hair.
The gun.

"The money now!" The man yelled and the sound came too close from her ear making her jump.

The assistant seemed as scared as her, with no reaction and he obeyed him.

"The girl's backpack." As they received the money, another one said.

"And you little girl? Running away from your parents, hum? What do you have here?" She could sense the strong smell of cigarettes and something more that she couldn't recognize, but she hated it. "You shouldn't have left your home, blondie."

They took her backpack from her and her phone that was in her pocket. The feeling of his covered hand on her leg made her sick. Once the money was collected, they moved to leave.

"Wait, please." She couldn't believe she was doing this, but she had to. "I have something important to me in that." They were looking at her, and the room was too silent. "It's my baby blanket. From my parents. Please, you can take the rest."

Her backpack was in a big dark bag along with the money.
She had hoped they'd open the bag and give it to her.
But now, by the looks they gave her, she didn't think that would happen.

"Man, the cops." one of the others warned him.

"Shut up or I'll kill you. Did you hear me right?!" he yelled to her, his gun pointing at her head.

"Please" she breathed. Begging was all she could do now.

There was a loud sudden noise and that's when she realized he had just shot her.
A terrible, unbearable pain came from her arm, and her eyes blinked fast with the sight of blood. Lots of blood running down her arm, staining her clothes.

"Oh God. Oh." She was sobbing now, her body falling back on the floor, her back against the counter.

They were gone now.

"Damn you shouldn't have said anything, stubborn girl! Are you okay? I called the police the moment they came."
It was true. She had once learnt there's a button behind the gas station's counters that once pressed, the police are on their way.

The sound of sirens was heard from outside. She should be happy, relieved.

She wasn't. She was in pain, physically and inside too, because she knew she was going to be sent back to her house. She knew they were going to hate her for running away and getting shot.

Because everything that would happen from now on, would be bad.

The cashier was pressing a towel on her arm to stop the blood meanwhile, and she only noticed that when he tightened his hold, making her scream.

Two police men and what looked like three nurses walked in the shop, quickly noticing her and taking care of her.

"Were there any more people watching the scene?"

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