Chapter 28 | Strenght

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| no angst in this chapter yayyy satan is going soft!
(No she's not)|

She walked out, noticing the big swing and automatically laying down on it.
"Much better." She said and he chuckled, grabbing her feet to sit and placing them on his lap.

He swung them with his feet on the floor, and it felt good to just be there.
It was a comfortable silence.

"You know, no matter how much I've wanted, I never could leave this house."

She looked at him in confusion.

"You can just leave everything behind. How?"

"Maybe my everything isn't as good as yours." Her eyes were really focused on his and she had to look down or she'd get lost on them. "This was my fourth time running away. I was 14 when it first happened and guess now I'm just used to it."

Suddenly he felt a need to know why she had run away, all those times. He wanted her to tell him.
But the only person she had talked about this was herself, in her mind.
She wasn't going to rent about it with him.

"Remember first day of school? When you met me alone at the bus stop, while everyone was hanging out together? That was one of the days I really thought I could just leave everything."

"Why were you alone?"

"It was my mother's death anniversary. Also, my sister's death anniversary."

She remembers that her first impression from him was that he was a loner just like her.
Everyone had gone celebrate the start of a new year and they were the only ones waiting for the bus to go home.

"I think you're just really strong." He said.

"Strong? Running away is weak."

"It is. But you were never giving up. You were looking for the better. That's fighting, that's strength."

"Didn't know you had a poetic side, Jones."

"That's because I don't."


"So I'm finally meeting you, Neal. I'm Killian. The cool guy on the phone."

"Hi, Killan" they all laughed at him.
Guess it was a new nickname now.

"I't Killian, lad."


"Okay then." he sighed and that made David chuckle.

"I'll see you tomorrow, kiddos. Thanks for the help, Killan." David teased.

"It's no problem at all, Mr Nolan" he smiled.

"Dad, just-" Emma called for him before he went. "Be back okay?"

"I will, Emma. Don't worry."


"And then she gave me a kiss, but it was on the cheek! I swear! I didn't let her kiss on my mouth!"

Neal was telling his episode that day on school with Robyn, the girl that loved him (according to Neal), while Emma and Killian were cooking dinner.
Well, Killian was cooking dinner, Emma was learning.

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