Chapter 9 | I missed You

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|If you still didn't know, this is the story of how Emma became that strong woman we now know. I'm sure she hasn't always been like this and of course jail clearly modified her but I wanted this fanfic to show her psycho development (of course in a different way - this is fiction). So yeah I can tell you her development starts in this chapter.

And this does not mean she won't end up in jail in future chapters...


Also, I'd like to dedicate this chapter to a person I really love, Shanelle. Today's her birthday. 💓 I hope she's reading this.|

"I just wanna go home. I'm tired of school, seriously." Emma sighed.

"I can't believe I'm with Kristoff in this project... He's such a fool. This is going to ruin my grades." Anna mumbled.

"Come on guys it's not like the world is gonna end." Elsa commented. Well she says that because she got her project with Jeff. "Hey next week is my birthday. I was thinking you two could come over and we have a sleepover."

"Girls' night... I miss those." Anna said.

"You want me to go too?" Emma laughed.

"Yeah you silly. Just the three of us."

"I'm in."


"How was your day, Emma?"

"Oh- good. I have this project... I was wondering if I could offer him to do it here in our house?"

"Of course, it's no problem." He said while the two of them prepared dinner. "Him... Hun?"

"Oh-" she laughed, trying to make it truthful. "It's just Killian. I don't know what the hell was going on in Miss Blanchard's mind but she just made the groups according to our sits. He just had sat next to me."

"That Killian that you keep talking about... Is he the same Killian that Olivia keeps talking about?"

"Yeah." She sat at the table to eat a yoghurt. She liked to talk about these things, she liked to have someone to share them. "He's a dork. They all are."

"You don't look like you totally think that." David chuckled. He was damn teasing her, she could see it in his smirk.

"It's not like that. It's just... People aren't always what we think they are. Killian really looked like... an amazing person. But now? How could I've been so wrong?"

"What happened that made you so mad?" He cleaned off his hands with a kitchen towel and let his elbows fall on the table to support him as he talked to her.

"It was nothi-" the look he gave her made her stop, made her understand that it was actually okay to talk with him. "The party." She looked to the basket with fruit in front of her instead of him. "He just spent all night drunk and with another girl and... He was so pleading when I said I wasn't going to the party, you should have seen it. He had promised me that ride home."

"I can't tell you how sorry I am about that Emma, I swear I'd have given you that drive-"

"I know, it's okay."

David had told her he didn't even hear the phone that night. Regina had picked it up before he could even wake up, rejecting her.

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