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  Emma Swan is a troubled 17-year-old teenager who just recently was welcomed to a new foster family in the other side of the country, which means new place, new home, new people, new life.

Her parents didn't turn out to be what she expected, what she's always dreamed about. But that's all she has, that's all she'll ever have. Paternal love has never been an option to her.

It's getting hard to being accepted in this world.

Until one day, she meets the misterious guy that she keeps seeing in her bus. Killian Jones.

Rated T+ // it might change along the chapters

First Chapter on 5th May 2016 - to celebrate my instagram's birthday


So, high school AU? 😋
It's gonna be good I promise.

Satan is back sooner than you thought? Oh yeahhh!
Your lovely comments and compliments made me want to post it right today.

It won't be as dramatic as this seems, and believe me it will have lots of fluff, angst, a bit of violence (just a tiny tiny bit) and lots and lots of romance.

I'll be writing this so when the time comes, it will be just posting what I've already written.

See you in May!✨

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