Chapter 15 | He loved her

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| fluffy chapter bc I can|

He liked the snowy days.
It was kinda impossible to pay attention at American History when you can't stop drawing smiles on the foggy windows and think how much snow the ground will have after school.

He found himself smiling widely once he saw her today at the school entrace, talking with Anna and Jefferson, a cute grey bean hat on her head, her head thrown to the back and her laughter the best sound he's ever heard, even though he was watching the scene mute.

"You're not going to the bus stop?" he said once he reached the group.

"I'm waiting. Roads are closed. It's not too much snow but I guess they still haven't cleaned it off."

"Then what are we waiting for?"

She gave him a confused look, her smile not fading.

"We're going on walk."

And then her smile faded. "You're kidding right? It's an hour walking!"

"And for me it's an hour and half walking, then what?" he laughed at her surprised face. "You guys could come too." he said to Anna and Jeff.

"No thanks. We rather wait here." Anna said and Jeff just laughed because of her voice tone that screamed 'you are crazy and I'm not'.

"I'm not going either, Killian. It's cold."

"Guess I'm going alone. No one to accompany me." he teased her, giving her his best pout.

And then he started walking away, climbing down the small stairs at the entrance, and turning to the right to follow the snow-covered sidewalk.

"Wait what he's actually going home?!" she asked to her friends, never believing he was actually serious.
She kept watching him walking, each time more distant and she actually wondered what it'd be like if she accompanied him for an hour, walking by his side.

And then she was running trying to catch him, her light school bag jumping up and down on her back.

When she was finally able to slow down and breathe, she turned her face to look at him looking at her.

"I thought you weren't coming."

"Well guess I changed my mind." she shrugged, still trying to catch her breath.

She looked down at her soaked Timberlands and the hem of her jeans, sighing and thinking that it'd dry later. At least she wasn't cold anymore. That running had actually been useful.

"So you can run 100 turns at a simple diagnosis test and not for not even one minute?"

"I just ran in snow. Shut up." It was like running in sand, but worse. It's like the floor wants to suck you in.

They kept walking for 5 minutes, the only sound between them being their boots on the snow.

"See this is why I didn't want to come. This is just awkward!"

He chuckled. Unlike her, he had been really lost in his own mind, not really noticing the silence.

"Okay then. I have a question. When will the curse break? It's at the end of the book isn't it?"

"See? That's what you always do. When we don't have anything to talk about you just always mention the book. Why can't we just talk about something normal?! Like two normal people?!"

"Emma it's a book, what's the bloody problem about talking about it?"

"None." she said right when she noticed they were about to start a fight. "Sorry, there's nothing wrong with that." she kept looking down at her feet drowning in the many layers of snow.

"It's just that, that's the only time you open yourself while you talk, you know? That's why I'm always talking about the book." he said and she looked up at him to find his eyes looking at her. She didn't say anything though, thinking about what he had just said instead. Did she really open herself? Was her armor that up? Did he really notice these little things?

"I just- I'm not good with people."

"I've noticed that." he chuckled, noticing the sad smile that that sentence had given to her.

And he pulled her closer, his right arm on her shoulders and his hand rubbing her right arm.

"Well we're not going back to silence so tell me about you." she said pulling apart from his arm.

"Well..." he sighed, a lot of smoke coming out of his mouth. "You've probably been told about this but my mother died when I was 15."

"Elsa told me at the night of the party." she said lowly.

"Do you know the feeling when you think your life couldn't be any better? That everything was just going so well and then one day, everything breaks apart?"

She looked at him, her eyes trying to comfort him since she was never good with words.

But no, she did not. She didn't know that feeling.
She had always been mentally prepared that whenever everything is going just fine, something will happen and take it away from her.
It's always been like that.
She couldn't feed her hope.

|guys these last 3 paragraphs are foreshadowing to the end of this book SATAN STRIKES AGAIN|

"I had to go so down in my life to realize what I was losing." she looked up at him again to see if he'd continue. What was he losing? "Life."

"Life is not as beautiful as it seems." She disagreed.

"It is not." and he agreed. "But one day it will be, Emma."

She chuckled. She had this sence that he was talking more about her than himself.
But she couldn't get her hopes that high.

"It's getting cold again." she mumbled.

40 minutes had already passed.
20 more minutes to arrive at her home. Her funniest 20 minutes of her life.
Because God, didn't she laugh?

It started when she told him about her freezing feet and then he was almost knocking her down to the snow, telling her that she had to move if she wanted to warm herself up.

She'd grab his arm when she was right about to fall on the ground, and that would make them both almost fall. She'd scream and laugh whenever he'd help her up.

She'd do the same to him. Until he actually fell. And his butt was soaking cold.
She covered her mouth with her hands with shock to his reaction and that's when she sees the look on his face. He wanted revenge.

And then she was running away from him. Their bags long forgotten on the floor.

When he finally caught her, he circled his fingers around her arms. Only his force grabbing her from hitting the floor.

"Don't! Don't, don't, don't!" she'd beg, laughing in the middle.

And then he decided to let her fall, only realizing that she had grabbed him and pulling him to fall with her when he felt the cold snow on his body, even through the big coat he was wearing.

"You're impossible." he blurted out, still lying on the snow, as well as her but a few centimeters aside.

He could only hear her endless laughter, and then he was imagining this exact scene some years in the future. Like he'd tell her she's impossible and she'd reply with a "and you love me for it".

And that's when he realized this broken girl was so special for him.

Because he loved her.


if I wasn't clear: you're probably imagining this scene like he falls right on top of her well no. haha. too soon for that. They fell together but apart from each other.

Their bodies touched a lot in this chap true, but not that much.

That'll be way in future chapters.
Far-future chapters btw

I've already heard complains about WHEN DO THEY KISS DAMNIT
well, I'd say like more or less 5 chapters ahead

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