Chapter 13 | Fairy Tales are better

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| before you start thinking I'm wrong, no.
1x07 (the heart is a lonely hunter) corresponds to chapter 6 in the book|

"So the Evil Queen has the Hunter's heart? You're telling me he doesn't feel anything?"

"Exactly. He'll die anyways."

"Wait what?!"

"He'll die in chapter 6 - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, one of my favorite chapters."

"Because he died?"

"No, because Anna finally gave in to her real feelings for him in that chapter."

"But you said he dies-"

"Exactly. Just stop questioning and read it."

He really liked these calls. This habit had started the day before, so he couldn't really say it was a habit because this was just their second time, but still, he liked this.

Ever since Brennan Jones left their sons that Liam and Killian had rarely seen each other, even though they lived in the same house.

Liam had been busy dealing with their father's missing case and really lost in himself with the whole situation.
Everyone had left him.

So he was grateful he decided to call her again today. He didn't feel that lonely with her on the phone.

She was doing her homework, he was reading the third chapter now - Snow Falls.

He couldn't help but blurt out now and then "bloody hell" because this plot was bloody amazing.
It was like a big puzzle, and every single piece seemed to find their other half.

He could say that it'd be weird if they didn't hang up the phone to have lunch. But that happened. They talked, theorized about the book, commented about Elsa's "party" tonight and that way, it didn't seem like he was having lunch in his kitchen alone.

Today they were all going to the cinema - Elsa didn't really have any other idea - and then the girls would go back home with her, for a sleepover.

When they decided it was time to get ready they hung up. It wasn't that weird having lunch together, now, getting dressed? There are limits.

He had noticed she was so much more on ease on the phone than face-to-face.
But he had to admit - so was he.
So was everyone.
It's way more easy when you don't see the other, when the other can't reach for you.

He liked to see this new side of her. The one that teased him, laughed at him and even got her swearing.
That wasn't the same person from school.


"Jeff said he's in the parking lot. 5 minutes and he should be here." Elsa said. "Can you see the pimple on my face?" she said with sarcasm imitating the girls nowadays.

The three girls blurted out laughing.

"Have you heard about Killian and Will?" Emma asked.

"Oh they're on their way. They told me they are bringing Will's friend. Her name is Belle. It's just another one of Will's crushes on girls he met at parties and he completely thinks the poor girl is the one." Elsa told her, laughing at the end. "From what Killian told me, this Belle is a total book worm and well Will... Will is Will."

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