Chapter 38 | Brokenness

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|The end of this fanfic is coming. (Reminder that it won't be a good ending.)

Don't worry, remember the sequel!!

Satan loves you too much to leave you like this.|

"What about this one?"

Emma's birthday was coming in one week and David and Mary Margaret used their lunch break to go look for a present.

Emma hadn't talked about her birthday to anybody.
It was like it wasn't even happening. Well, that was what she planned on doing.

She knew David knew about it.
But she also knew she'd only receive happy birthday from him and Neal, maybe Mary Margaret too and they'd blow the candles at dinner.

However, Mary Margaret had seen that Emma had friends in school.
Mary Margaret saw her every day, saw her when David didn't.
And now there was even Killian.

She knew Emma wanted more, even though she didn't admit it to herself.

That week, Mary Margaret caught Killian alone leaving his classroom and told him about the upcoming date. He was a bit disappointed because Emma hadn't told him anything (well it's not like he asked either). Then he suggested a surprise party.

"You sure she'll want it?" Mary Margaret asked with doubts.

"I think she'll like it just with us and her family. Like a dinner all together."

"She will. Think you could tell the others without her knowing?"

"Yes, Ms. Blanchard."

"Thank you, Killian. She deserves this."

And then he smiled his brightest smile. "Aye, that she does."

He needed to find the perfect present.

The night before her birthday, she called him like they did from time to time.
They were together every day at school and many times even after it. It's not like they missed each other to death to call the other at night.

But she did that night.

They talked about a project that she had to present to class the day after and he talked about his "project" which was the song he had written for her and she stayed all night teasing him about the lyrics. He kept saying that it had nothing to do with her, that he didn't even remember she existed whenever he sang it, but then he'd just laugh.

"It's midnight already." he said, 7 minutes past midnight so it didn't look like he had been waiting for her birthday to come.

"Yeah..." she said, and she sounded sad.

He had to pretend he knew nothing and it felt like a sword was going through his chest. |😏😈|

"We should go to sleep." he said, instead of 'I didn't forget you'.

"Yeah... Ah... Good night."

He couldn't. He just couldn't.

"Yeah... Happy Birthday." he said it so normally and nonchalantly, that she didn't even realize what he had just said so he laughed when she gasped.

"How did you know?"

"I have my sources. Now sleep. It's past bedtime."

"Technically, I'm an adult now. I don't have bedtime."

She didn't know at what time she was born so she considered herself 18 already.

18. The age she's always wanted to just be free and now she found herself wanting exactly the opposite.

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