Chapter 22 | Love Mondays

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I just want to say you have no idea what it is to write a new book after writing such a popular one like IT HAPPENED and in my opinion this one is just as good. The difference is, this one takes a long time before real things start to happen. Pls be patient. Satan has stuff saved for you.

WARNING: I'm gonna just tell you this:

The problems AND their relationship are both starting in this chapter.


That weekend, she decided that it'd be best to back away a bit, to give her sister a chance.

She really tried to avoid him the next monday. However, the thing was, Elsa and Anna were always with him, Will and Jefferson.
It was their squad, it was a habit.

So her 'avoiding' went as simply giving him short answers or ignoring him at all, which it really hurt her because she could see the brokenness on his disappointed face.

"Hey, Swan?"

She tried to pretend she hadn't heard him, as she walked towards the bus stop- fuck the bus stop. She had forgotten about that. How could she avoid him during those 15 minutes of ride, sitting next to him?

"Swan!" His voice was too loud for her not to hear this time so she just stopped walking and turned around to face him. He was still some feet behind so she watched him as he approached. "Did something happen?"

"What? No, why?"

"Don't tell me you're not avoiding me because I'm actually quite perceptive, and this?" he pointed his finger to her and then back to her, like he was trying to show her the invisible connection between them two. "This is avoiding."

"I-I'm not avoiding you. It's just been a tough day. And it's Monday. I hate Mondays." she gave him a smile, knowing that he'd believe that because there was no better liar than her.

"Yeah? Then come have lunch with me today."

"What- why?"

"Because you're not avoiding me, because nothing's wrong and because it's been a tough day and I could make you love Mondays."

She looked at him, her jaw slightly dropped because damn what was she going to answer him now?

"Where?" she asked before taking a deep breath.

"My house." and she swore she'd love to punch him whenever he gave her one of those smirks.

He loved to push her limits.


"Hum... this is really good."

She had to admit. He was a really great cook. That Macaroni and cheese tasted like heaven.

"Complimenting me, now?"

She rolled her eyes at him.

"Where did you learn how to coo-" she couldn't even finish what she was going to say before a phone went off.

It was his phone and he pulled it out of his pocket.

"It's my brother, sorry." he said.

"It's okay." she said and he answered it.

"Liam! I'm glad you called. Here a very beautiful woman just complimented about your little brother's food." he gave her a smile and she just blushed, because she was 'very beautiful'.

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