Chapter 20 | Messy

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This chap takes place on the same day of the presentation, when they're going home (by bus)|

"What's bothering you?"

Only then she noticed that she had been too quiet.


"What are you thinking?" He said as he opened a sandwich from its aluminum foil. He was such a 5-year-old.

"Nothing, I'm just tired."

Sitting next to each other in the bus and complaining about school life had become a routine now.


The thing was... She couldn't stop thinking on what had happened that day.
Not the presentation, really. But more like the comment that guy had made and the answer Killian had given.

"Am I messy?" And the words were coming out of her mouth before she could even stop them.

He didn't seem to react to her question, his eyes still on his food "You want me to tell you the truth, or what you'd like to hear?"

She sighed because that had already answered her question.
She was messy.
She didn't but did want to be messy.
It was complicated.

"You are messy, Swan. Worse than a mathematical problem." And there he was teasing her for choosing economy as her course.

"You didn't think that way today in class."

"And I still don't."

"Hun?" Now she was confused.

"Emma, I admit. The first times I tried to understand you? Bloody hell. Whenever I thought I knew you, you'd just surprise me." He told her, his back slightly turned around to face her on his seat. "But, I love a challenge." And he smirked at that, an idiot grin spreading on his face. "And I see you now, Swan. You revealed to be an open book somehow."

"I am no open book. And that? That's just super cheesy."

"Okay I'll stop with the fancy words and just sum it all up: you decided to open yourself to me, maybe not all yourself but at least a part of you. Admit it."

"I did not."

He chuckled at that and that made her chuckle too because what the hell were they even talking about?
She loved how he could quickly erase her thoughts.

Was she messy? She really didn't care.
She was a challenge, like he had said.
He loved challenges.


"How did the presentation go?"

"Emmaaaaa you have to paint! You can't stop painting while you're talking! Momma said dinner is soon and we have to finish this drawing before it because then it's bed time!" Neal would insist and his anger - even though is was cute - was pretty much visible so she just kept coloring.

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