Chapter 27

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We got to the party and it was sick everyone was dancing and apparently someone brought alcohol but i wasn't going to drink same with Jordan and Hayes us three were all dancing and spazzing out. Only a couple boys were drinking just Cam, Nash, Carter,Taylor, Nate, Sammy, and both Jacks. So actually most of them were drinking. Me and the rest of us were all dancing and we caught up with matt and Aaron who like us also weren't drinking. At about 1 in the morning we decided to round up the boys and head home I found both Jacks in the corner giggling about some random shit. And the rest of them found all of the other guys. And we all headed home. I got back to the hotel and after we got them all in there rooms i went back to my room and saw Sammy and Nate were passed out and Jordan and Hayes were on their phones. I changed into a Magcon hoodie and some nike pros and fuzzy socks. and just laid in bed and fell asleep.

I woke up and it was the day of Magcon so I decided to look a little nicer. I got in the shower and did all of that shit. I got out of the shower and put on a pink cropped hoodie and some high wasted denim shorts. I then blow dried and flattened my hair and out on some mascara, a little concealer and eos. Once I was happy with the way I looked I went back into the room and saw that all the guys were just on their phones or still asleep so I went into mine and Jordan's separate room and saw she was awake and ready just like me.

"Hola," i said going and sitting on the basket chair that was near the bunk beds.

"Hola," she said

"Are you excited for magcon,"

"Yeah but nervous ill embarrass myself," she said

"Don't worry the guys will do that for you," I said and we both started laughing.

"Lets go get food i need some fuel," I said laughing

"Same girl same," Jordan said and we went down to the lobby to get food there was nothing in the lobby so we decided to walk around till we found something. We eventually found some bagel place by the beach. After eating we headed back to where the event was being help and we walked in to all the guys running around like freaks and is being the mature people we are, we joined them! We eventually ended up playing tag just running around the place and being crazy. Eventually we had to settle down and talk to Bart about everything you know like what we're gonna do all that shiz. And then they started letting people in. Everyone was settled in and the event was about to start,"

"Guys please welcome to the stage Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Carter Reynolds Talyor Caniff, Shawn Mendez, Aaron Carpenter, Hayes Grier, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Sammy Wilk, Nate Maloney, and don't forget Abby Grier and her bestie Jordan Woods." Mahogany announced and everyone started screaming I thought I was going to loose my hearing.

"Sorry everyone but Daniels flights keep getting delayed so he will be here as soon as he can sadly we don't know when that will be." Everyone boo'd at the sound of that.

The event was super fun and halfway through Daniel showed up and I don't know what happened but every sense I saw him I ant stop staring and I have butterflies in my stomach and I have noticed that he's staring too.

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