Chapter 24

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We headed down to Magcon and saw that it was just started we ran backstage and I got Jordan a pass. I then ran out on stage and sat down because we were all listening to Shawn and Jack and Jack perform.

"Ok now its time for some questions," Cameron said into the microphone. He said and everyone raised their hand. Cameron pointed to some random chic and a security guard handed her a mic.

"would you ever date a fan?" she asked smirking and winking at him.

"Depends," he said and all the guys nodded their heads in agreement.

"Ok next question, you," Taylor said pointing to a girl about my age.

"Abby, who's your favorite brother?" She asked

"I can't decide honestly," i said and both the guys looked releaved. After Magcon was over we decided to go back to the room and since its are last day in Hawaii (am I the only one who forgot they were in Hawaii?😂) we decided to go to the beach. I got changed into my pink triangle bathing suits with black trim, denim shorts and a grey halter top. I put my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my beach bag with my phone some money and snorkeling stuff while slipping on my flip flops and went to join everyone in the lobby because I was the last one put according to the text I got.

We got to the beach and oh my gosh it was amazing everywhere I looked it was perfect. Me and Jordan decided to lay down and tan for a little bit. I put in my headphones and sunglasses and dozed off. After about 1 hour I decided to go snorkeling I texted Jordan where I was going since she fell asleep I saw that the guys were scattered threw out the beach some playing in the waves some playing volleyball and the rest idk where they are. I got my stuff and started swimming it was incredible the coral was gorgeous and the fish were so interesting there was this neon one it was like glowing and there were neon ones and I even saw a turtle! It was insane!! I decided to go back and join the guys in volleyball after about 30 minutes. I headed back and they were all playing volleyball now including Jordan she was talking to Hayes I walked over and joined in Shawns team

"Hey hey," I said

"Hey where were you?" Shawn and Taylor asked.

"I was out snorkeling it was absolutely incredible," I said

"Cool," Taylor said we continued talking an he's actually a really cool guy. About 2 hours later we decided to go back to the hotel and stop on the way for dinner. We got back to the hotel and all went to our rooms since I was originally sharing a room with Mahogany but she had to leave for family issues it was just me and Jordan right now. We were watching You and Hungry on my laptop when the guys decided to all crash our little party.

"Hey guys lets do something," Cameron complained

"We since its are last night lets go to the beach by the hotel since its not that crowded and have a little bonfire?" I suggested and everyone seemed to like it so before I knew it we were all playing tag on the beach it was amazing the sun was setting and it was just beautiful of course we took many pictures.

It was about 10 now we had been at the beach for like 4 hours and right now we were all sitting around the campfire just talking about memories and that kind of stuff.

"I love you guys all so much you all have inspired me in so many ways and I'm going to miss this so much when it's over I have had some of my best memories with you guys and I can't wait to wait to see what's going to happen next." I said looking at them tearing up. Eventually we decided to call it quits and go back to the hotel and go to sleep.

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