Chapter 20

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So today was the day that we were leaving for Magcon. I was really excited because it was in Hawaii (just making this up I don't know if they ever had a magcon in Hawaii) and who doesn't love Hawaii I was currently back home, packing and talking with Hayes, who was laying down on my bed on his phone. We left for magcon tomorrow at 4 in the morning and it's currently 12 and I'm just starting to pack. Go me. Jk.

"Hayes, what made you finally forgive me?" I asked just out of the blue.

"I guess I was just tired at being mad at my baby sister," he said ruffling my hair

"Hayes! Don't do that," I said in the way that Carter always says that.

"I sorry baby sissy," he said hugging me.

"Hayes as much as I love you not being mad at me anymore but if you call me your baby sister again I will hurt you," I said folding some t-shirts into my suitcase.

"Ouch," he said lying back down on the bed.

I was packing my jeans when Hayes decided to be an asshole and mess up my really nicely folded clothes.

"Hayes!" I said stretching out the "ayes"

"Abby," he said mocking me I then being the good sister I am elbowed him in the gut he fell over in pain and I was just laughing my head off,"

I finally finished packing I put my suitcase on the floor and then I just crashed on the bed.

"Night Hayes" I said I looked over and saw that Hayes was already asleep I didn't care though cuz we sleep in the same bed a lot.

*Four hours later*

I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock going off. I rolled out of bed. And got dressed into a cropped hoodie that says "just do it later", some leggings, and some black Nike high tops m,I just left the earrings that were already in in I then put on a necklace so I looked more presentable I then just put on some mascara and eos and I left my hair down its natural waves. I walked downstairs and saw Nash and Hayes both on the couch on their phones with spongebob on in the background.

"Morning," I said pretty sleepily

"Morning are we ready to go?" Nash asked standing up

"Yeah let me just get my stuff," I said while running upstairs grabbing my carry on which I packed last night and my suitcase I then ran downstairs put my suitcase in the trunk. Said goodbye to our parents and Skylynn then got in the back next to Hayes. Johnnie was driving us so the car wouldn't be left in the airport parking lot forever. I put on my earbuds and started to doze off listening to my music. We got to the airport and we said goodbye to Johnnie and then went through security and all of that chiz then boarded the plane I was in the window seat with Nash next me and Hayes in the aisle seat I cuddled into Nash and fell asleep because I was really tired. I woke up and looked over I saw that both Nash and Hayes were asleep I then decided to take a selfie with them in the background and post it on Instagram and snapchat I then went on there phones and tweeted off their twitters, and hacked their Instagrams and their snapchats. After I was done with all of that I decided to go stalk cute guys on Instagram. The plane was landing and Hayes had woken up but Nash was still sleeping so I decided to wake him up by pinching his nose because he breaths through his nose when he sleeps.

"Hayes video this," I said and he got out his phone I then pinched Nash's nose and he instantly woke up.

" *gasp* Abby, what was that for?" Nash said glaring at me but I could te he was trying to hold on his laughter meanwhile me and Hayes were dying of laughter. We finally landed and I had posted the video on vine and snapchat.

We were walking out of the terminal when I saw Cameron.

"CAMERON!" I yelled and ran over to him and gave him a huge hug.

"Hey there bug," he said hugging me with a just as firm grip. After the guys all said hello we all headed back to the hotel.

Authors note
Whoo I finally updated that's good right? I'm starting to get into the writing mood again so I'll try to update soon but school makes updating really hard so I'll try to update next weekend. Love you guys bye.


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