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Hi guys so if you can't tell i haven't updated in a long time and my story is hurting because of this. I decided I'm going to end this book where it is at. Thats why I updated last night so it could end on a good note. I will start a sequel called "Hayes Grier's Twin Sister Sequal." Taking place a few years later so it relates to what is currently going on with all of the guys. Im starting it right away and I have some ideas so hopefully I will update a lot more frequently. I just started winter break so I will have a lot more time on my hands hopefully but I am in high school and have finals tests and a lot more stuff to worry about so this isn't my top priority but hopefully it will be a lot better considering I know a lot more about writing than I used to. So thank you so much for reading this and voting and supporting me i love you all so much. I do have a Hayes' instagram and i post imagines and stuff on there the user is beachyyhayes. I love you all so much. 



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