Chapter 21

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(The picture above are actually pictures from my vacation to Maui and I'm using what we did in my vacation for inspiration)

We got to the hotel and it was beautiful holy crud our room was on the 1st floor so we literally could walk out on to the balcony and we were literally right next to the pool it was gorgeous. I walked around the hotel and oh my god I felt like I was in paradise. I decided that for the rest of the day I was just going to lay bye the pool. I changed into a royal blue ruffle strapless bathing suit top and a blue yellow and green bathing suit bottom, I then just threw on a pair of shorts and flip flops so I didn't look like a total wierdo. I then left a note telling everyone where I was and headed out. I walked out the back door and down the little rock path that was only like 5 feet long to the little towel shack I got my towel and since the guy saw on his computer what room I was in he told me that I could actually go sit in a cabana since Bart payed extra for the room. So I got my special card and went to the cabana which was in the beach which was right by the pool like what?! I texted the guys and told them where I was and then took off my shorts so I was in just my swimsuit and
put on some sunscreen and sunglasses and just layed down and relaxed.

Hey guys so I know this isn't that long but I really wanted to update. I'll be trying to update as soon as I can but its really hard when I don't know what to write about so honestly if you comment an idea I will use it wheaten if it's in the next chapter or I. The next 20 chapters I PROMISE. Also I might host a little give away soon possibly more info coming soon. Bye

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