Chapter 6

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"Guys this is my little sister Abby, Abby this is Taylor Caniff, Carter Reynolds, Matt Espinosa, Jack Johnson, Jack Gilinsky, Jacob Whitesides, Aaron Carpenter, Brent Rivera, and Shawn Mendes," Nash said introducing me to everybody "Hi Im Abby..." I said.

"You have a sister?" everyone yelled simultaneously and then started laughing I giggled. So tell us about yourself," Jack G said "Well I'm 14, I'm a dancer and I like food." I said "Speaking of food, Nash can I have some?" I said looking up at him since he's way taller than me. "Sure he said handing me ten dollars," I looked at Hayes and we both started running to an area with lots of food I got gummy worms and Hayes got gummy bears. We walked back eating are food. We were walking to the car when Matt asked me "what type of dance do you do?" "Hop hop and ballet but I also do tumbling." I replied "How good are you at them?" he asked the rest of the boys were listening to our conversation can someone say noisy lol jk "umm I do advanced hip hop and ballet and I'm a level 5 tumblr," all there jaws dropped but Hayes and Nash were on there phones cause they don't care. We pulled into the house and decided to go swimming at the beach. We all went upstairs and got change I changed into a black strapless bathing suit top and black and white tribal print bottoms with a loose black crop top on top and red shorts with black flip flops and to top it all off I did a light black smokey eye and red tinted Chapstick and put my hair up in a high messy bun. I walked downstairs and joined everybody else in the car and we were off. When we got to the beach we all ran out of the car I took off my clothes so I was in my bathing suits and all the guys except Nash Hayes and Cameron were staring with there mouths hanging open a blush crept to my cheeks "Guys stop checking out my sis," Nash yelled they all turned away and muttered apologies. Hayes came up to me and put his arm around my shoulder and said, "Us twinnies need to work on our tan." I gave him a weird look and pushed his arm off of me and layed down to tan. After about 40 minutes I felt a bucket of water splash me I ripped my sunglasses and saw all the boys laughing there heads off and Cameron was holding an empty bucket "CAMERON ALEXANDER DALLAS" I yelled he stopped laughing turned around and sprinted away I got up and chased after him. I was about a foot behind him and I jumped on his back we both fell over and he landed on top of me "Jeez Cameron what have you been eating?" I asked and he chuckled and stood up and I got up soon after. I jumped on his back and he gave me a piggy back ride back to the boys. I jumped off of his back and ran to Hayes and jumped on his back he looked pretty startled "hey sissy," he said. "Hey Hayes," then he dropped me I repeat he DROPPED me how rude of him "I'm hungry," I complained "When aren't you?" Nash said "I want food," I said "lets go to Chipotle," Matt suggested and we looked at eachother and both started sprinting to Chipotle I got there first of course but he was like 2 seconds behind me. Once we both finished catching our breaths we went in and ordered we were sitting eating when the rest of the guys walked in and gave us dirty looks I just stuck my tongue out at them and kept eating my food they finished ordering and joined us we were all eating and having some weird conversations. When we were done we all headed back to get ready for dinner with Bart. I changed into a black crop top tank top and a pink skater skirt with black heel wedges that had a strap around my ankle then I curled my hair and pulled a little bit of the front back and pinned it with a pink not then I did a medium smokey eye and put on light pink lipstick and grabbed my black clutch and phone. (all outfits in this story are on my polyvore my username is @abby-eldridge ) I walked downstairs and all the boys were waiting for me. We got into the limo and headed of to the Resturante. When we got there we saw Bart and some other people that work with Magcon we sat down and I ended up sitting inbetween Hayes and Taylor. Me and Hayes talked for a while then he started talking to Shawn who was on the other side of him. Me and Taylor started talking and soon enough we were arguing which was better Turtles or Rabbits "Turtles are better because they beat the damn rabbit," I said "No Rabbits are better and the turtle only won because the rabbit went to fast," he said "then the rabbit should learn to pase himself because then he would of won but until then the turtle won so turtles are better," I said and crossed my arms then I realized that everyone was staring at us. We looked at eachother and started cracking up. Bart stood up and started shushing us. One we were all quiet he said "ok so I have some news basically the reason I called you all here so were going to Magcon Nashville" all the guys started yelling and hugging eachother "And Abby will be joining us also we have a 3' o clock morning flight tomorrow Bart yelled everybody screamed some more and by now everybody in the Restaraunte was staring at us.

Once dinner was over we all headed home once we got to the house I went straight to my bedroom and changed into my pjs and started packing do Magcon tomorrow and fell straight asleep after.

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