Chapter 8

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I woke up and checked the time to see that it was 1 pm "wow i really slept in," i thought. I got up and got ready for my date i changed into pale blue and light pink floral crop top, a blue skimmer the same color blue on the top, a white knit cardigan, and light pink vans I then curled my hair and put it into a waterfall braid and then did a light smokey eye and light pink lipstick. I ran downstairs in a hurry and grabbed a white clutch put some money in it and grabbed my phone "where are you going all dressed up," asked Hayes I have a date I said not really thinking much of it but they thought otherwise "what," they all screamed and by them I mean Nash, Hayes, Cameron, the rest were still sleeping or just in there rooms. "your going on a date, with who?" Asked Hayes he looked hurt I'm not sure why though "yes I am going on a date," I said for like the 10,000th time annoyed "and I'm going with Brandon," I told them "who's Brandon?" Cameron asked "a guy I met can I go now," I asked impatiently "sure go," Nash said sulking "ok thanks love you," I said and walked out the room.

I got to Starbucks and I saw Brandon standing outside "hey," I said "hi," he replied smiling we walked inside and he opened the sort for me he was being really sweet. We went to order "I'll have a caramel frap," I ordered"and I'll have a double chocolate chip frap," Brandon ordered once we ordered we sat down at a table in the back of the room so no one would notice us "Abby and Brandon your drinks are ready," the person called. We got up to get our drinks. Once we got are drinks we decided to go to the park we were sitting on the swings when he asked me "so how is it being the Hayes Grier's twin?" I almost choked on my deal I mean I just want one day where I am not treated like I'm related to the Grier's I hate it I want to be greeted like a normal girl jeez "umm I don't know like I've lived with him my whole life so to me it's pretty normal other than the crazy fangirls," I said laughing at the last part. We started walking back to the hotel when it started raining we ran back. "thanks for coming with me," he said smiling I smiled back and said "I had a lot of fun," he smiled and we went our separate ways. I walked into the room to see...

Authors note
I am so sorry that was so short I aware it was like 2 pages I have been on vacation without wifi the whole weekend I almost died but I have a week off for thanksgiving.


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