Chapter 10

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I woke up to remember it was the day of Magcon I quickly showered and changed into a magcon crop top and put on some black high waisted shorts and put on some black vans I then put on light makeup and straightened my hair. I then started hitting Mahogany with a pillow to wake her up. "What time is it?" She groaned waking up "um 9:20 we need to be at Magcon in 2 hours," I responded. Finally she got up and got ready.

We then went to the diner and saw all the guys were already eating "hey guys, after magcon I'm going to this cool like open dance place I need practice so i might be back really late," I said they all nodded and went back to stuffing their faces with food "oo can we come and watch?" Taylor asked "I don't care," I said I then got up with mahogany to get our food.

When we got back they were all almost done I sat in between Matt and Hayes. Once we were all do me eating we headed off to magcon.

Once we got to the place where magcon was being held we heard many screaming girls. once we got inside everybody went off to do their thing I was just laying down on a couch in the break room playing on my phone I was currently beating my high score of 7 on flappy bird when mahogany came and dragged me to a room with a mirror on one wall and the rest was hard wood floor it was fairly large "this is the dance room it's normally used for the backup dancers but since this is magcon it's empty," mahogany explained "I'm pretty sure there will be a dance battle so we need to plan an amazing routine to knock those guys off of there feet," she said I laughed and said "well we better get working."

After an hour we had an amazing routine to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. Right when we finished we heard people telling everybody the show was about to start so we quickly ran out of the room and got ready to go on stage. "Please welcome to the stage Cameron Dallas, Nash Grier............" and so on the announcer announced until he said "and the grier twins Abby and Hayes Grier," when he said that we walked out smiling and waving and with that magcon started.

Mahogany was right there was a dance battle after all the guys danced they turned to me and Cameron asked "You gonna dance?" "Hell yeah," I said and put my hair up Ina messy ponytail. Mahogany played the music and ran out next to me we started dancing and then for the chorus was a part where I did this crazy tumbling/ flexibility part then me and Mahogany started dancing again by the time we were done all the guys mouths were open "Well I think we know who won that," said Aaron slightly laughing and the crowd cheered really loudly " I knew you were good but I didn't know you were that good," carter said to me "thanks I have been hip hop dancing for 8 years and doing ballet for 10 years and tumbling for 5 years," I said Nash came over to me and hugged me "good job sis EW your all sweaty," he said everyone laughed including both of us.

Unfortunately magcon was over really quickly and we had to go home or back to the hotel room. It was only 5:30 when we got back to the hotel so we decided to do the pickle challenge and the looser had to get there legs waxed it was basically me Nash Cam and Matt(I know it was just the guys in the video burin adding her . I'm also gonna change a little bit of other stuff so don't hate me) "hey guys it's me Cameron Dallas here with Nash Grier Matt Espinosa and Abby Grier we are going to be doing the pickle challenge and the loser has to wax there legs," "no it's two losers," Matt argued they started arguing and then Nash joined in "I DONT LIKE PICKLES," Matt yelled "Fine it's two loosers," Cameron said finally agreeing "And go," Cameron said and we all started eating. I was lucky cuz I like pickles unlike Matt who gave up and started eating cake. I finally finished a do was the first one done "DONE," I shouted cheering and then i started gloating and rubbing it in the guys faces that I won. I sat back down and about 1 minute later I ran into the bathroom and puked Hayes followed after me cuz him and the rest of the boys were watching hayes held my hair back while I puked. I was finally done and I felt hella lot better I walked back into the room to see that Nash had puked also and Matt was about to get waxed. Once they all got waxed and yes they all decided to get waxed except for the winner which was me. After finally getting all the wax off of Cameron's leg we all decided to got to sleep to be rested for the meet and greet tomorrow. (please pretend the meet and greet and actual event are different days I'm not sure if they are or arent.)

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