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Hey guys so I creted a new story its calle "Suddenly Last Summer," and this is the preview for it.

Hi guys Im Abby, Cameron Dallas' little sister I'm also Hayes Grier's girlfriend. Well ill tell you about that in a little bit but first I'm going to tell you a little bit about me. Well hi I'm Abby Dallas, Cameron Dallas' little sister but even though I'm kind of famous because of him i am mostly famous because of my Youtube channel which has about 2 million subscribers. Well I have dirty blonde, wavy hair and bright blueish, greenish eyes, i am kind of pretty i am pretty popular and everyone always says that they want to look like me and how pretty i am. I am about 5'2" and I'm a hip hop dancer i really love dance so so much its my passion. Well back to me and Hayes we met last summer at magcon let me tell you how it all started. 

So thats it so can you guys please read it I would really apreciate it. Thank you bye.


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