Chapter 9

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I walked into the room to see......

I saw all of the guys standing on one side of the room looking at the kitchen (the room has a kitchen attached) I looked into the kitchen and saw that there was broken glass all over the floor who did this I asked annoyed they all pointed at Matt I laughed "it was an accident," he whined acting like a little kid "ugh just go to someone else's room and let me clean this up," I said they all mumbled ok and stuff like that's and walked through the connecting door Taylor and Carter's room I grabbed a broom and dust pan that I found in some random closet and started sweeping up all the glass.

I finally finished after almost an hour and went to join the boys I saw that they were watching The Conjuring I crept up behind them "BOO," I yelled and they all jumped and screamed I started dying of laughter and they all rolled their eyes at me. We all watched the movie and let me just say I don't think I'm going to sleep for a week. "I'm gonna go to bed, night," I said standing up and walking to my room I layed down and was out like a light.

I woke up the next morning I showered and got dressed in an oversized grey soft sweater, leggings, and I just slipped on some fuzzy socks since I wasn't planning on going anywhere. I left my hair in its natural waves, and I then put on light make up which was mascara, and light pink lipstick I had natural really clear skin so I didn't need anything else really. After I got ready I walked into the kitchen to get some food. I suddenly felt a extremely sharp pain in my foot rush through my body.

"Aaahhhhhhh," I screamed the boys all came in and froze at what they saw I looked down and saw that my foot and the kitchen floor was both covered in blood.

"OMG what happened," Nash yelled "someone call 911," Cameron yelled and Carter pulled out his phone.

"what happened?" Hayes asked "I don't know I was just walking into the kitchen and I stepped on something sharp," I said with silent tears running down my face.

"ok an ambulance is on their way," Carter said. After a few moments we started to hear the sirens. Finally a couple paramedics came in carrying a stretcher. I started to see black dots "ABBY!!!" I heard someone yell and then I blacked out.

I opened my eyes only to be met by bright lights I looked down and saw I was in a hotel bed and I had an IV in my arm I looked around and saw all the boys sleeping in different parts of the room it was pretty funny actually because they were all cuddled up together. I layed back down on the hospital bed and I got a shooting pain in my head. I went on my phone and saw that #prayforAbby was trending worldwide wow these people are amazing. I was getting really bored so I pushed the call nurse button and waited I finally saw someone turn the doorknob and I quickly pretended to be sleeping the look on her face was so funny she looked so confused. When she closed her eyes I decided that I was hungry and I pushed the same button again the same nurse came in "what do you need honey?" She said in this annoying voice " um yeah what's wrong with me also I'm hungrily," I said she laughed at my last remark "well you fainted from dehydration and blood loss and the cut on your foot was very deep and the piece of glass was very big so we have to do surgery on it to get the rest of the glass we couldn't get out out and you'll need stitches and for food I'll bring you Mac n cheese, is that ok?" She said "umm yeah that's good," I mumbled I was freaking out surgery, stitches how was I supposed to dance?" Omg I was flipping out like omg this is scary I was beyond scared. I mean what person wants surgery.

It was a few hours later and I was waiting for them to take me in to get the surgery done me and the guys were all laughing and haveing a good time with them. "Alright sweety wre ready to take you into surgery," said the nurse "ok," I said then she and two other nurses wheeled me into the surgery room. I might of seemed calm on the outside but on the inside I was freaking out. "ok sweetheart we are going to give you this shot and it's going to make you fall asleep so you. Don't feel the pain of the surgery but you might be sore afterwards," said the nurse I just nodded my head and shut my eyes as they out the needle in it hurt less than I thought it would. I started to feel sleepy and tired when sleep took over my whole body.

I woke up to the sweet smell of flowers and heard the birds chirping, just kidding I woke up in a hospital. I looked. Around and saw that most of the guys were awake but some were still asleep "hey kiddo how are you feeling?" Aaron asked I never really got to know some of them cause there was so many. "I'm doing fine just have a bad headache and my foot really hurts," I said laying down, my head really hurt and same with my foot "hey kid," Nash said if you can't tell they call me kid or kiddo somewhere along this lines, "hey when can I leave this place?" I asked Nash "the doctor said in about an hour they just want to run a few tests," ok I said and if on cue the doctor came in "ok Abby you are free to go," he said unhooking all the IV's "ok," I responded I wasn't in a talking mood "here I brought you some clothes," Cam said handing me a pair of high waisted black shorts and my Disneyland jumper and a pair of white vans, they all then left the room so I could change. I went to meet the guys in the waiting room and the doctor gave me my crutches. I got outside and let me just say it felt amazing to breath fresh air again. We all piled into the two cars and drove back to the hotel.

I got to my room and laid down on my bed and before I knew it I was out like a light.

Authors note

Hi sorry it took so long to update I had a lot of school work and the. I got really sick and hurt my ankle so I might update more soon.

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