Chapter 2

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"Oh great I need to talk to you and Hayes," great he sounded serious he called in Hayes once were both seated he said...

"Ok so you guys both know that mom and dad are going to Sweden for the summer right?" (just pretend) we both nodded "So basically me and Cameron are moving in together in California so mom and dad are taking Skylynn with them so you two are staying with me in the summer," it was silent for a few seconds and Nash looked so nervous for what we were going to say "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU," I screamed while hugging him and soon Hayes joined in the hug. "go get packing the flight to CA leaves tomorrow at 3 am. "Jesus that's early," me and Hayes both shouted at the same time I went upstairs and grabbed my biggest suitcase and packed almost my whole closet. Then I grabbed a duffel bag and put my curling wand, flat iron and blow dryer in it with all my hair products along with my makeup leaving my toothbrush and toothpaste out I'll pack them tomorrow. Then I grabbed my backpack and filled it with my chargers, headphones, wallet, camera, laptop, and sunglasses I mean we're going to LA be prepared. I went downstairs and put my stuff by the front door then I went into the living room and turned on Monsters Inc it

is my favorite movie of all time. About 20 minutes later Hayes came down with his stuff and joined me. After the movie was done we were both hungry "Hey want to penny board to Taco Bell?" I asked him "yeah let's go," he said I quickly left a note saying where we were going while getting up and grabbing our penny boards and we were off. We were about half way there when I decided I wanted to butt board so I jumped off my board so gracefully *note the sarcasm* and the I ran to get the board and then I butt boarded.

We were finally there and we went in and ordered and I got something for Nash. After we were done eating we started penny boarding back. once we got back we went in and I out Nash's Taco Bell on the counter and went off to bed.

I woke up to my alarm clock going off I got up and showered then I changed into a pair of cropped leggings and a short sleeved PINK shirt with sequins all over it and put my hair in a messy high ponytail. I then went to wake up Hayes I crept into his room to see him sleeping good I thought I grabbed the air horn that I kept in my room and blew it he bolted up and jumped on top of me and pinned me down. "Haha don't do that you scared the shit out of me," he said while laughing I laughed "brush your teeth and shower you smell horrible," I said while scrunching up my nose. He laughed and went to shower I then went to finish getting ready I put on a little mascara then put that and my toothbrush and toothpaste away. Then I put on my One Direction perfume and put that away also. Then I went downstairs to see Nash and Hayes waiting for me in the car I got in and we were off. Once we got to the airport we checked in with security. "Flight 624 is now boarding," said the intercom thingy majigger. "That's us," Nash said we got up and found our seats I was in the middle of Hayes and Nash at least it wasn't some strangers I didn't know I put my earphones in and rested my head on Hayes shoulder and fell into a dreamless sleep.

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