Chapter 30

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I woke up to someone hitting me with a pillow.

"What the frick?" I yelled slapping the pillow away. I looked up and saw Jordan there laughing which made me start laughing because her laugh is literally contagious.

"I have to be at the airport in 30 so hurry up," she shouted waking away to wake up the guys idk why. After finally getting everyone up. Don't ask. I went to get changed so I look somewhat presentable. I just put on a black hoodie from PINK, Nike pros, some converse and i decided to skip makeup considering its like 3 in the morning. I went back downstairs and everyone was up but still half asleep. All the guys hugged Jordan and said goodbye, then me her and Nash got into the car heading to the airport the drive was long but it was fun we blasted the radio and sung along probably pissing off everyone else on the highway. We finally got to the airport and went with jordan to security once we got their Nash hugged her and said some things that I couldn't here then we hugged and said goodbye it wasn't super emotional since we'll see each other in like 2-3 months. After she headed off so she wouldn't miss her flight we went back to the car and I just slept since I was really tired. I don't remember falling asleep but I remember being carried up to bed but thats it cuz I fell asleep.

Later on I woke up and checked the time to see that it was 12 so I definitely slept in. I went downstairs and I saw all the guys eating breakfast.

"Hey guys" I said grabbing a bowl of cereal causing a series of heys in return.

"So what are everyone's plans for today?" I asked

"Well I'm meeting us with my girlfriend and Nash is third wheeling cause he has nothing else to do." Matt said laughing and we all laughed while Nash hung his head down.

"Do you want to have a twin day we haven't had one of those in a while?" Hayes asked smiling at me.

"Of course!" I said smiling I missed him we haven't hung out in a while. After breakfast I went to get ready for our twin day. We used to do these all of the time but as Hayes and Nash started vine and started touring more we haven't as much.

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